The Ramore – I want more!

21 Apr


The Ramore, maybe one of the most popular places to eat up in the North Coast in Portrush.  Any time I am up that way this is only place I eat, the service is fantastic and the food to die for! Located at the harbour beside Water World, without fail it is always busy and packed!

There are now three different areas to eat in:


Coast Pizza Pasta – Italian style food bar offering fresh stone-baked pizza and authentic Italian and modern pasta dishes. Great for kids too! Open Wednesday – Sunday Tel – 028 7082 3311


Ramore Wine Bar – Renowned for its fantastic tasting fresh food, lively atmosphere and a menu to suit all tastes. Open Monday – Sunday Tel – 028 7082 4313


Mermaid Kitchen&Bar – A casual and relaxed style of dining.  Bright and airy restaurant with stunning views over Portrush harbour and West Bay Strand. Open Wednesday – Sunday Tel - 028 7082 6969


We decided this time we would end in the Wine Bar.  When we went in we were told there was an hour wait and were given a number.  We didn’t mind the wait as I was sure they were exaggerating a little, like every restaurant does, so that when you are seated sooner it seems better.  We also didn’t mind as it was such a beautiful night we took a walk along the promenade and where back up in time to wait at the bar and get a drink before we were seated.


I went for an ice cold, fruity cider.  Well priced at £3.50

We were seated within 40minutes and boy it was worth the wait as always! Let me show you the menu:




I have to say it was a hard choice to make, so many yummy dishes to chose from! Finally we made our choices and I went up to the bar to order.  In The Ramore you are seated at a numbered table and given a menu, when you have made your choices you go to the bar to order and pay.  Then you pick up your own cutlery and condiments and wait for your meal to be served to you.


The Chilli Fillet Steak on Pitta bread


 The Homemade Harbour Burger and shared a portion of chips.

The meal as always was absolutely DELICIOUS and came to the bargain price of £20.85.

Next up I just had to have a dessert.  The desserts are probably another reason why The Ramore is so popular, the desserts are MASSIVE, there are loads to chose from and they are a bargain at only £4.50! Let me just show you the dessert area . . .














See what I mean? MASSIVE, delicious and so many to chose from! I have had the Strawboffee before and the St Honour Gateau, both of which are gorgeous!  This time round it was between the Tiramisu or the Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake and Honeycomb.


I went for a slice of the Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake and Honeycomb to take away . . . Oh my word YUM, YUM!


Can I just add how much I loved the anchor light on the stairway, I just had to take a picture!


I would 100% recommend The Ramore! You will be lucky to go and find the place empty or not busy! However don’t let the wait put you off, the food, views, prices, staff and atmosphere are AMAZING!  At the minute they are also giving out these delicious little mini rock sweets with the I <3 The Ramore logo on them, along with the mini badges.  I also really liked how each of the staff have their name badges with their favourite meal under their name.

So get up the North Coast and to Portrush to head to The Ramore!

The Harbour


County Antrim

Northern Ireland

BT56 8DF





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