The Pretty Woman Dilemma


The pretty woman dilemma, I’m sure everyone has experience this, any girl out there probably can relate to my analogy. Walking into a ‘posh/expensive’ shop and the staff looking at you and treating you like a piece of dirt that that look down their nose at you.


The main place for me that this tends to happen more often than anywhere else unfortunately is the Lisburn Road in Belfast.


Lisburn Road is somewhere I enjoy going for a bite to eat or just a wee coffee, but I hate to shop! The plus point to my trip up today was stopping off for a little treat with my mum. We went to Arizona, a really nice coffee shop opposite Benetton and Starbucks towards the Kings Hall end of the Lisburn Road. I had a caramel hot chocolate with a yummy muffin and mum went for an Americano and a Danish, both of which came to about £8.50. A tad expensive we thought but that must be the area for you, something we didn’t mind paying because it was lovely, the only downside being they don’t accept cards! Yes bit of a shock for me, the guy at the till told me they only accept cash (fair enough) or cheques (what day and age are we living in, who actually accepts cheques these days?). Luckily enough mum had cash on her.


So the reason as to why I can’t stand going shopping on the Lisburn Road is, I hate to still have to say it, because well it has greatly improved over the years, are the ignorant staff within the shops. Mum and I must have went into about ten different shops along the strip (I suppose you could call it that) and yes the majority of staff in the shops were very friendly and welcoming, in fact I think I would have to say the majority of these were young people. However there unfortunately were the few shops that put a downer on the whole shopping experience. Staff giving you looks as if they were better than you and not giving a friendly smile or hello as you walk in the door. Now I must explain these shops are more like little boutiques, not really busy or many staff in them, completely different from the shops on the high street that are really big, busy and numerous members of staff.

Standing back observing as my mum shopped around I noticed, in these certain shops staff buzzed around those who were heavily dressed up, dolled up I suppose you could say, wearing all their designer clothes and fancy jewellery. Mum and I on the other hand, dressed nicely, not overly OTT or on the other hand in tracksuits.


This was what I wore today, a jumper, skinny jeans, pumps and a scarf. Like I said nothing really fancy but at the same time not scruffy. However that’s the problem today, people judge who you are and how much money you have on appearance, when I could be someone with a purse full of money, just because I don’t overtly show it does not mean I don’t have it. Well the case is unfortunately I’ve not yet won the lottery and don’t have the money to be shopping like a wild thing in these boutiques. On the way home I actually said to mum that even if I did win the lottery I wouldn’t go and shop there, as you aren’t made to feel welcome in many if the shops and on that point alone I would not buy something.

As for those majority shops/boutiques that are welcoming with friendly, helpful staff, you should be applauded! Hopefully the next time my mum drags me up we will have a much better experience. No one should be judged and treated differently due to their appearance.



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