Converse nails – tutorial

Hey guys, today I’m going to show you how simple it is to paint converse trainers onto your nails. These look super cute and even on just one finger is eye catching. Why not co-ordinate them with you’re own converse . . .

what you will need . . .
a base coat polish
a top coat polish
five coloured polishes
a white nail polish
a black and a white nail art pen (if you don’t have these you can use the kebab/cocktail stick technique shown in the leopard print tutorial and use a black and white polish)


step one

Ensure your nails are completely clean of any polish or oils, file your nails to the desired shape and paint on a layer of base coat polish. This will prevent your nails from any coloured staining from your nail polish.

I used nails inc a&e advanced treatment as my base coat. My nails may look a little strange but I have acrylic overlay on my nails, which are growing out. This design can be painted on any kind of nail, acrylic overlay or not.

step two

Applying your coloured polishes, I picked five different colours and applied each colour to each of my fingers.


These are the 5 nails inc polishes I decided to use, from left to right; summer place, regents place, palace mews, stanhope gardens and the southbank.

Here are my nails with the above colours and with one coat of polish.

step three

Applying the white curved strip at the bottom of your nails once your base colour has completely dried. This can be quite tricky, especially if you don’t have a steady hand so just take your time and go slowly. Start off with a small white strip and once you have your shape then go over it again making it a little thicker.

You can use a white polish to paint these on, I used nails inc floral street, or your white nail art pen, using the brush side.

Paint a white curved strip on the end of each of your nails.

step four
Whilst you are waiting for the white strips to dry you can carefully apply the black lace holes on the remaining coloured part of your nails using your black nail art pen or your or black polish with a kebab/cocktail stick.

You want to apply 6 dots, 3 on each side, trying to keep them in line with each other.

Apply this technique to each of your nails.

step five

Once the black has dried you can use your white nail art pen/kebab stick to paint on the laces on your shoes.

Start at one dot and paint a stripe from that dot to the diagonal one. Then starting at the parallel dot do the same thing, you will end up with an X shape. Carry this out again on the remaining dots, finishing with what looks like two X’s (see the pictures above).

Step six

The white curved strip at the bottom of your nails should have dried and set by now, just double check. Once you are sure the white has dried you are going to use your black nail art pen to paint on a thin black line. You can either use the pen tip or the thin brush, whatever you are most comfortable with.


I decided to use the thin brush part of my nail art pen.

Using the thin brush I started about half way down the white strip, started at the side of the nail and painted a curved sweep into the middle. I then repeated this process on the other side of the nail so the line met in the middle.


Apply this technique to each nail.

It may be a little tricky doing this on your left hand if you are right handed or your right hand if you are left handed. Just try different ways to hold your brush and perhaps steady your hand on something. Once you have found a way you will stick with it. How I paint with my left hand is a lot different to how I paint with my left. I also tend to start by painting my right hand first as it usually takes longer than my left and at the beginning I always seem to have more patience! 😀


step seven

Ensure your nails are completely dry before applying a coat of top coat as the black can streak and you don’t want to ruin all your hard work.

Links to the polishes used in this tutorial . . .
kensington caviar top and base coat (these can be bought separately)
summer palace – unfortunately they no longer sell this product
regents place – unfortunately they no longer sell this product
palace mews – unfortunately they no longer sell this product
stanhope gardens – unfortunately they no longer sell this product
the southbank
floral street
white nail art pen and black nail art pen – unfortunately I couldn’t find a link for the products I used, but I bought them in my local Claires Accessories for roughly £5 each.



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