The dreaded D word (Diet)


New year, new start was my plan for the dreaded D word and getting fit and healthy again, especially after Christmas. Of course the diet can never start on any day other than a Monday, I’m sure there are a lot of you out there who say the same thing. Yes, yes, I know, excuses, excuse!

So last Monday marked the start of my diet. I’m someone who loves carbs, I don’t think there are many out there who don’t, so cutting out all carbs for me would just never work. The only diet I’ve ever done was about two years ago and through the help of a friend I decided to try Slimming World. At the start it was all very confusing, learning the three different plans, Green days, Red Days and Extra Easy, what syns were, how many you could have etc. I decided I would go for the Extra Easy plan, as like it says it is really easy. Back then I lost a stone in about 4-5months.

After such a good result before and sticking with a diet that really didn’t feel like a diet at all, I was never hungry or felt like I was losing out on what I wanted and I had more energy to exercise. So I decided to try it again. I knew I’d put on weight but boy I didn’t realise how much so with that incentive alongside dropping a dress size again before 2 upcoming weddings I decided I would join the diet band wagon.

This is how my week went, I kept a food diary, planned ahead and took photos . . .

Monday 7th January

Breakfast – nothing

Lunch – cheese and tomato omelette and pineapple – HEA & FREE

Dinner- chicken, pepper, garlic, mushrooms, cabbage and pasta -FREE

Snacks – none

Total syns – 0 🙂 yayyyy



Tuesday 8th January – Vegetarian day

Breakfast – coffee

Lunch -beans and toast HEB & 2 SYNS BUTTER

Dinner- mushroom risotto – 1 SYN & HEA

Snacks – coffee

Total syns – 3


Wednesday 9th January

Breakfast – none

Lunch – ham, tomato and lettuce sandwich and a muller light – HEB & 4 SYNS

Dinner- lasagne – HEA & 1 SYN

Snacks – coffee

Total syns – 5


Thursday 10th January

Breakfast – weetabix and sugar – HEB

Lunch – Lasagne – HEA & 1 SYN

Dinner- pea and bacon pasta risotto – FREE

Snacks – rice crackers

Total syns – 2


Friday 11th January

Breakfast – cup of tea

Lunch – miso soup – FREE

Dinner- griddled chicken breasts (2) in a bap with salad and mayo, chips with sweet corn – HEB & 2 SYNS

Snacks – kit kat – 5.5 SYNS

Total syns – 7.5


Saturday 12th January

Brunch – Fry – bacon, eggs, mushrooms, toast, beans – 2 SYNS BUTTER+ HEB

Dinner – sweet and sour chicken with peppers and wild rice – 7 SYNS

Snacks –

Total syns – 9


Sunday, it was my anniversary with my boyfriend and he took me out to dinner and the cinema, I was spoilt! So I had Sunday as my cheat day and ate what I wanted, baring in mind bit to go really OTT and wrecking the work I’d done all week. Alongside the diet I did a little bit of exercise, walking and housework.

I weighed myself today and I lost 3 pounds and half an inch of my stomach, not a massive loss but I’m on the right way. This post isn’t to tell everyone to do Slimming World or for praise that I’m on a diet and losing weight. It’s to show you that thinking about what you eat, planning to eat healthy foods, do exercise and stick to it will show differences and make you feel better. Find what works to you and stick with it!

Healthy new year!



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