Heart tipped manicure tutorial


Hey guys! Hope you are all enjoying my tutorials and finding them easy to follow. Today I’m going to show you how to do a heart tipped manicure. It’s something a little different and I think stunning looking, perfect for those of you who like a rounded nail.





what you will need . . .

  • a base coat polish
  • a top coat polish
  • red nail polish
  • pink nail polish
  • a nail file


step one

Firstly you need to file your nails into a rounded tip, it’s up to you how pointed you want your nails to be. Then ensure you remove any polish or oils etc.


step two

Apply your base coat to your nails as the red may stain.


These are the base and top coats I have used; nails inc kensington basecoat caviar and kensington topcoat caviar. *Links can be found at the end of the blog*


step three

Once your basecoat has dried apply the pink polish to each nail.


I used nails inc elizabeth street, as you can see in the picture above it’s a nice subtle pink, nothing too strong, bright or white looking.



step four

Now that your nails have dried (I only used one coat) you are going to take your red, I used nails inc chester place to paint the hearts at the tips of your nails.


Trying to keep your brush as rounded as possible, either with the brush or with enough polish on the brush to make it look rounded. You want to make a sweep on one half of the nail down to the point (see picture one, on the left) so you have half of your heart (see picture two, on the right). Carry out the same technique on the other half of the nail to complete your heart (see picture three, at the middle). Complete on each nail to complete your hearts on your hand (see picture four, at the bottom).



step five

Ensuring your hearts have completely dried and set apply your topcoat, as shown at the top of the blog I used nails inc kensington top coat caviar.



Now that you know how to do a heart tipped manicure and how to do leopard print nails (see my tutorial if you don’t), why not try out the two together for something funky, different and eye catching!


Please excuse the dry skin around my nail, I’m in need of some TLC!


step one (A)

Using the same steps as above you are firstly going to file and clean your nails, apply a base coat, and once dry paint a coat of purple nail polish.



You can use any colour as a base colour for this design, I decided on purple/lilac and chose nails inc palace mews.


step two (B)

Once the base colour has set and dried carry out step four above and apply the red heart to the tip of your nail.


step three (C)

Using two other colours and a kebab/cocktail stick you are going to paint the leopard print on the the remaining part of your nail.


I chose nails inc kensington park road for the centre colour of the leopard print and the black taxi polish for the outline.


step four (D)

Finally as always once your nails have dried and set you want to apply your top coat, I used nails inc kensington top coat caviar.


Have fun and be creative with the techniques you have learnt, feel free to use your imagination and put different colours and techniques together!

Links to the polishes used in this tutorial . . .



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