My first facial


Today I received such a lovely treat!!! As I told you before in an earlier blog post (where I call home) we have a fabulous local beauty salon. My friend Corina was so lovely and treated me to a treatment. I chose a facial as I haven’t ever had one before and the last time I was in for my Dermologica skin mapping session, Nicola the beautician had recommended I try one.

So I went this morning, hair all pulled back, bare face, make up free, looking like a bit of a horror I have to say. Greeted by the usual friendly staff they took my coat and had a seat, Nicola then gave me a quick form/questionnaire to fill in and it was time. I was really excited, not really knowing what to expect.

The nail and beauty bar have three treatment rooms and I was taken into the ‘Relax’ room. Lovely modern interior, low lighting and nice calming music. Nichola let me to get ready, take of my jumper, slip down my bra straps and tuck myself into the warm heated bed covered in warm towels. This alone was bliss, so warm and cosy and ultimately relaxing!

The facial I had was a prescriptive skin care facial, an hour long and based on the Dermologica skin mapping I had before Christmas. It was amazing, I was so relaxed, had a steaming session that opened my pores and a face mask applied alongside the rest of the treatment. After the facial my face as they say was as soft as a baby’s bum, very fresh and I know it sounds strange but like it could breathe again.


I did attempt to do a before and after shot, but they weren’t really the best, I should have taken the first one in better lighting. I warn you now these pictures are not flattering, me with no makeup not a prettying sight, so you are warned, please look away now!


You may not be able to see the difference in the pictures but I can definitely feel it and see them myself. Even though I need the makeup on I’m trying to go without it as long as possible, keep my face clean!

So this is a big thank you to my friend Corina, The nail and beauty bar and the wonderful beautician Nichola! Xxx

Everyone go online and give this place a nosey, and even better book yourself an appointment and try them out for yourself! and find them on Facebook.



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