OPI Nicki Minaj Collection Review

Hey guys! Today's blog is going to be about the OPI Nicki Minaj Collection, I know I'm always ranting and raving about nails inc but I'm always being told how great OPI is and thought I'd give it a go and see how it compares to nails inc.

I tried to find a link to buy this on the OPI website but was unable to, I found the site pretty tricky to use if I’m being honest. If you type it into google however many websites come up enabling you to buy it. I myself didn’t buy mine online, I spotted mine in my local nail and beauty salon and purchased it from there. http://www.nailandbeautybar.co.uk/

time to put the polishes to the test

I decided to try out these colours on my toes, I thought the pink and light green/yellow colour would be great summer colours. So as always I removed all polish from my nails and filed and shaped them.

coat number one

These are my toes with one coat, the pink looked ok but a little streaky, the yellow/green colour looked horrible I really didn’t like the shade, the dark green/blue colour came out well and the black glitter was very light.

coat number two

These are my toes again with the second coat, they all look a lot better with the two coats on them, I’m sure you’ll agree. The pink evened out well without leaving any streaks, the colour of the yellow/green became a lot richer and better looking, the green/blue didn’t really need a second coat, but with it it definitely makes the colour a lot richer and the black glitter look so much better with a second coat, there was a lot more coverage and more sparkle too.

my review of the products

I found the pink polish to be quite thick and sticky and you really needed alot on the brush to try and avoid a lot of streaks. The greeny blue colour again was quite a thick polish but went on really well (this was the best one for a one coat coverage). Both the yellow colour and the black glitter were quite watery, hence why the first coat was so light. However all with a second coat turned out well. I personally wasn’t that impressed with my first try of OPI products especially for the price they charge.

If you use or have used OPI and found different results or recommend any I should try please let me know, I’d be really interested to hear from you and your opinion.



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