Snow day Sunday

Sunday 20th January 2013 and the snow for Christmas finally arrived! Last night we got a really good dusting of snow, but I had to wait until today to actually get out in it. Unfortunately it was mostly slush but I found a few untouched areas I could leave my footprints.

What to do on a snowy Sunday when you can’t traditionally build snowmen, have snowball fights or make snow angels because you’ve stitches on your finger that can’t get went and a boyfriend who doesn’t like the snow? You venture out for a walk through the park and a stop off at a coffee shop to warm you up!

We finally decided on a walk through Ward Park, plenty of opened areas and as you can see I was able to find some untouched snow to walk through, I’m such a big kid!

Wrapped up nice and toasty, well me anyway, Ryan regretted not asking for a hat, we ventured through the park. One of the bonuses to snow is how it changes how everything looks but it also shows you what you miss every day . . .

Those footprints you wouldn’t necessarily see, I was a bit of a geek today and fascinated with all the different shapes and sizes of bird footprints we saw. It was quite a quick walk through the park, Ryan was frozen and I was getting a bit stuffy in all my layers, so it was a quick dash down the Main Street to Cafe Nero.

I’ve only been to Cafe Nero a couple of times, I’m more of a Costa or Starbucks person. I think this is probably because parking is easier but I really do like Cafe Nero and would go more often, the staff are really friendly, the cafe is always clean, and the seats once you sit down in them with your coffee just eat you up. They are so comfortable you could sit there for hours (this has been known to happen with good company).

After finally wedging ourselves out of the comfortable seats and warm cafe into the cold snowy weather we headed back to the car, through the park again and asking ourselves why did we decide to park so far away? Although we did have a bit of entertainment for the walk home . . .

Fighting ducks, at the start we weren’t sure if they were just mating, but no it was a fight, one poor little duck was being attacked by the other and sat on in the mud. So doing my good deed lol I intervened and split them up, if anyone else had seen me I’m sure they would have been doubled over laughing at me. Me running through the mud and slush in my wellies after two ducks shouting ah ah lol, but hey it was my good deed for the day and the little duck escaped without injury.

Hope you enjoyed any snow you had . . .


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