Sale bargains

Today’s unplanned shopping trip resulted in me finding a couple of treasures. I have to say I didn’t find the sales this year very good and didn’t end up getting very much. Whilst in the shopping centre today mum suggested we quickly pop into monsoon.

Whilst mum had a look through the last few sale rails at the clothes I went straight for the accessories. I never seem to find any clothes in monsoon so don’t really bother looking anymore. I prefer the jewellery and accessories in Accessorize but would have a look at monsoons stuff when I’m in with mum. Today’s having a look definitely paid off because I got a bargain with these two gorgeous pairs of earrings.

These are the first pair I picked up, I seen them a couple of weeks ago with 50% off but thought £8 was still a bit much for them (its not like I would be wearing them all the time).


I thought these would look great with a plain outfit for a hit of glamour and I really hope they aren’t too heavy when I wear them! From the feel of them in my hand they should be ok. These were originally £14 and I got them for £4.20, quite the bargain I thought.

The other gorgeous pair I got were these black and jewelled ones, the pictures really don’t do them justice.


I think I’ll wear these this Saturday night when I’m out with the girls, no idea yet what I’ll wear but at least I have the earrings! :). I really love these earrings, them make a statement on their own and could really go with anything! These were most definitely a bargain from £16 to £4.80 and a nice little surprise as I had not seen them before.

I will try and upload some pictures at the weekend of these on, try and show them off properly. It just goes to show, waiting until the last minute and searching through the drag ends of a sale really can pay off!


3 thoughts on “Sale bargains

    1. Awh thank you! I can’t wait to wear the black ones this weekend, I’ve planned my whole outfit and my Louboutin inspired nails around them 🙂 xx

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