Louboutin inspired nails (tutorial)

Today’s blog is a tutorial for Louboutin inspired nails, I mean what girl wouldn’t want these? Inspired by a couple of nail art designs I have previously blogger about these are an easy combination for statement classy nails.


What you will need . . .

– Red polish, black polish, gold glitter polish and a clear top coat.

– reinforcement rings, I got these in Eason’s for 99p at the weekend (you can get paper ones or plastic, I chose plastic as I thought it would be easier with the polish to remove them)

What to do . . .

1. Paint your nails with the glitter polish, focusing mostly on the base of your nails, you may need a few coats for good coverage (because I only wanted a semi circle of gold glitter I didn’t paint the whole way up my nail, I also painted on three coats to get a good coverage)

2. Once the polish has dried stick on the reinforcement rings

3. When you have placed them where you want, and are happy paint on the black polish at the top of the nail

4. You can then carefully remove the reinforcement rings once the black polish has dried. Paint over a clear top coat


Now for the Louboutin touch . . .

Taking your red polish, remove as much excess polish as possible, and paint the back of your nail and along the top. This is a bit tricky and can be messy but don’t worry you can do a couple of coats and you can tidy up with a cotton wool bud soaked in nail varnish remover.


There we go easy peas, when not try this yourself for this weekend?


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