Can low fat be just as nice, if not nicer than full fat?

So today on my bid to lose weight and following slimming world I tried out fat free super noodles. I’m not the biggest fan of super noodles but they can be quick and easy. I had a packet of the normal ones the other day and had to SYN them as 3.5 so I decided I’d try the low fat ones which are SYN free.

I found them today, 3 for £1.80 in Sainsbury’s, the only had the chicken and herb, thai sweet chilli and I think the other one was chilli chicken. I picked the chicken and herb because I really didn’t fancy the other ones and instead of buying all 3 I decided to stick with 1 at 68p just to try it in case I didn’t like them.
I have to say I didn’t see much of a difference one I opened the packet, only that the flavouring was packaged differently. When they were cooking the flavouring smelt a bit like a chicken stock cube.

Once cooked I could definitely tell the difference, the flavour was bland and the noodles were the texture of rubber, I really didn’t like them! I would much rather eat the full fat ones and SYN them before I eat the low fat ones again.
This is just my opinion, yours may be different and if you are looking to cut down on fat give them a try yourself.


4 thoughts on “Can low fat be just as nice, if not nicer than full fat?

      1. ahh right fair enough 🙂 i love minimins slimming knowledge all over the place 😀

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