One of my favourite shows . . .

So excited to say one of my all time favourite tv shows is back on tv, and I can watch it in the comfort of my own bedroom! 😊 A bonus when you constantly have people talking or walking I front of the television.

The programme I’m talking about is Charmed. The Halliwell sisters, Piper, Phobie and Paige. they are called the charmed ones as they are witches and battle against demons alongside living their daily lives. Each sister has a different power, but need to work together to fight any real evil.


For some reason E4 has started showing the show quite a few seasons in, but luckily for any first time viewers you can jump in and watch it at any point without needing to see the previous series.

I’m sorry this hasn’t been a very good review, it’s just a quick one because I’ve not stopped today. But please go check it out weekdays on E4 at 3pm!


2 thoughts on “One of my favourite shows . . .

  1. Oh my god I know I love them. That’s exactly what I said to Andrew when I found out that they were back on TV! I have it on record its great xxx

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