What I have planned for this month . . .

Wow it’s February already, that is crazy!! Well as this month is most typically known for Valentine’s Day so I have declared this month for my blog as the month of love! ❤

Here’s what I plan to blog about this month . . .

❤Love themed nail art

❤Food and or restaurants you love

❤Holidays/countries you have loved

❤Valentine gift ideas

❤A recipe for valentine’s shortbread

❤Ideas for making your own valentine’s day card

❤Profiles of couples in love

❤Celebrate the love of your best friend (profiles)

❤Clothes or an outfit you love

❤ Quotes for love

❤Loving your friends and girly weekends

❤Sports people love

❤The unconditional love of a pet

❤Reviews of love films

❤material things you love

❤sentimental things you love

❤Share a recipe you love

❤ What I’m grateful for

❤Song/music/band you love

❤Family love

❤A place you love to be

❤Smells people love

❤Hobbies people love

❤Books people love

❤A jewellery maker I love

These wont really be in any order, but are blogs I aim to post this month, alongside some random ones I’m sure I’ll add in. For a lot of these I do need people’s help, I need opinions and stories and would really, really appreciate people helping me out! You won’t have to do much, just answer a couple of quick questions and I will do the rest! If you’d be willing to help me out and feature in my blog please either like my page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mylifemyblogzane/330730423700309?cropsuccess or email me zjfraser@gmail.com without you guys this blog wouldn’t have the inspiration to keep going so please give a me a little bit of your time, I would really appreciate it!

Lots of love


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