My first ever Super Bowl – February 2013

Last night I stayed at my boyfriend’s house, and he as he does every year was planning on watching the Super Bowl. This year as I was with him, I decided I would try and stay up and watch it too.
He said I would most likely enjoy it as I love rugby and the sports are pretty similar. So playing were the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens. As I didn’t know much about either team I decided I would support the 49ers because I liked their red and gold kit.
I was more excited really to see all the music performances. First off it was Jennifer Hudson singing America The Beautiful with the choir from Sandy Hook Elementary. It was so touching seeing those children who have been through so much looking so happy and singing so beautifully alongside Jennifer Hudson in front of so many people. Jennifer Hudson as always sounded amazing and looked beautiful, I loved her outfit and her new fringe. This was the first time I seen it and think it looks gorgeous on her, totally changes how she looks, yet really suits her.
Next up was Alicia Keys, singing the National Anthem. As usual her vocals were good, however at some points she did seem a bit off and I personally have to say I didn’t like that dress she was wearing, I just thought the material looked too casual.
As the game started I really enjoyed it, my boyfriend was trying to teach me some of the different rules and differences between American football and rugby. A lot of this went over my head but I was able to pick up on a few things and perhaps actually impressed my other half. I loved as well that it had ended up that the coaches for the finalist team were brothers.

As much as I was enjoying the game, I couldn’t wait until half time when Beyoncé would preform! Boy was it worth the wait, I thought the staging was AMAZING I loved how both sides were the outline of her face.

As well as the staging looking AMAZING, as per usual Beyoncé herself looked incredible! I wasn’t too sure of her outfit when I first seen it, but I loved it when she took off the jacket bit. It was so well designed for her and I adored the lace at the waist and bottom.

I’ve seen Beyoncé perform before and she really did take my breath away, her dance moves look so natural, she is so fit and it amazed me how she could dance like that and still sing so well. I loved her song choices and then when Michelle and Kelly popped up, reuniting Destiny’s Child, I could feel the smile appear on my face. I was never that big a fan of the group but I loved how she had invited them along for her moment in the spot light. Even though I had read some of the speculation in the gossip columns I didn’t actually expect it to happen, especially as they had all denied it so much.

I would have loved to have been in the stadium during Beyoncé’s performance, they atmosphere seemed to be ELECTRIC! Unlike sports over here where nothing really happens at half time, you just get left looking at the commentators, or if you are at a match you go and get more food and drink. I think Beyoncé really kept the excitement and enjoyment up.

All that for the lights/power to go out as both teams returned for the final two quarters. I felt so sorry for New Orleans as I’m sure it will be one of the main things they are now remembered for, hopefully not though! We sat watching the flash backs, players on the field and the BBC commentators for the next twenty minutes until finally I caved and said I needed to sleep, I was exhausted and my eyes starting to burn. Not long after I settled down to sleep, my boyfriend decided the final score was going to be a given and decided he too would go to sleep.

The first thing I asked when waking up was who had won? I found out that the Ravens had won 34-31, my boyfriend was glad, for the main reason that at least we didn’t miss the 49ers get it back, although it seems like we did miss a good bit of the action with such a close final score!

Most definitely next year I will make sure we plan in advance, lie in on the Sunday morning, invite friends over and make a feast of super bowl food, looking online, on instagram and twitter there was so many pictures of yummy food that made me so hungry. I’ll also try to do a bit more research and not just pick the team whose kit I like the most!

If any of you have any tips for next years super bowl preparations or food that is traditionally eaten I would love to hear from you!!!

Lots of love


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