Cadbury’s Egg ‘n’ Spoon – winning the race or a total flop?

Today’s blog is a review of Cadbury’s new chocolate sensation, the Egg ‘n’ Spoon.

Cadbury describe them as . . .

My attention was first brought to these in a magazine ad. Mum laughed at me and said how I was one of those typical people who always went for a gimmick. This isn’t always the case but I had to admit, this time she was right. I assumed they could be found in the fridge section of the shops once reading the centre was mousse. However a few weeks ago I spotted them out in the Easter egg section of Sainsbury’s, I didn’t really think anything of that at the time because I was so shocked Sainsbury’s were selling them for £4!! Once I seen the price I was well and truly put off!

On Saturday as I was sitting upstairs in Asda, in their cafe, just people watching as I waited for my boyfriend. Whilst gazing at the people below my eye caught a promotion at the end of an aisle. Yes it was for the Cadbury Egg ‘n’ Spoon on offer for £2, now that was more like it, I was willing to test them out for that price. So on my way out I picked one out, not realising there were two options I nearly picked one filled with white chocolate, I’m not really a fan of white chocolate, so I quickly corrected my error.

When I returned home to my boyfriend’s that night I decided to try one. I had bought them for Ryan and I but he just wanted to try a bit of mine first. I thought the box was uber cute!

Opening it up I thought it was well packed and again, cute and dinky.

However I was a bit surprised at there only being 2 spoons for the 4 eggs, fair enough 2 eggs each, but I can just imagine the arguments parents would have to hear if not every child got their own spoon.

For some reason I decided to look at the cardboard cover and see how they recommended you eat them. Bit of a strange thing to do, as I’m sure everyone knows how to eat a chocolate egg but hey.

So following the instructions I removed half the foil . . .

Bit off the top, well Ryan wanted to do that, and this is what we found inside . . .

Using the spoon, as instructed we scooped out the mousse and had a taste. Ryan didn’t really like it, he thought the shell was ok, tasted like normal Cadbury’s chocolate but that the mousse tasted like cheap, fake Cadbury’s chocolate you get at Christmas. I didn’t actually think either part tasted like Cadbury’s and the mousse had a slightly grainy texture. I also felt like it would have been a lot nicer if it had been served from chilled. I checked the cardboard cover to see if they had recommended this anywhere but they hadn’t.

I would have to give Cadbury’s Egg ‘n’ Spoon a 3/10. It really wasn’t the greatest, didn’t really taste like Cadbury chocolate, only had two spoons for four eggs (a parent’s nightmare), the mousse was a bit grainy and I think it would have been better chilled. The majority of the points are given for the cute little box and the novelty of the little spoons. I am 100% glad I didn’t pay £4 for them and really it says it all that the other 3 eggs still remain in the box.

Let me know your opinion if you try them, either by commenting below on on my Facebook ‘like’ page
Lots of love


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