Show your love for your bestie! ❤ Who needs relationships?!

This blog is inspired by the love and connection between best friends!

Typically people think Valentine’s day is for couples, but why should it be? It’s a day of love, so why not show and spread the love you have with your best friend? I want to thank my friends on Facebook for helping me to do this blog, without you this wouldn’t be possible! And to apologise for pestering the life out of you all, but hopefully seeing this will be reward for you, and make it all worth it! Xxx

💜Clare and Carley
💜Met about 2/3 years ago
💜We met at work, travel agents
💜I love her because we have helped each other through some tough times but we sure as hell are making up for it now!
💜My favourite memory would probably have to be Maga, Carley with her one lensed flashing sunglasses from a street seller and me with my T-shirt tied to my straps of my top like a cape thinking i’m wonder woman and ending up on stage dancing and singing away thinking we are bloody podium dancers!! Such laughs!!

💜Zane and Sarah (Saz or when I’m a little tipsy Sazzle me dazzle 😊)
💜We met about 6 years ago through a friend
💜I love her because we are perfect together, same sense of humour, she’s always there for me, we are very open with each other and have no secrets and she always makes me smile!
💜Favourite memory is prob sitting on our beds in Greece, covered in what we thought was natural yoghurt, but what we think now was creme fraise or something because it was stinking and so thick! Lets just say it didn’t help with the prickly heat!!!

💜Nikki and Nadine
💜We met 5 years ago
💜I love her because since we met we’ve been joined at the hip 24/7 at times and although we’ve grown apart a bit and got new mates and things going on we still know each other inside out finish sentences and know what each other thinkin and gonna before we do it. Even if we’ve not spoken in months we can pick up the phone and pick up where we left off.
💜We have countless funny memories from work nites out or jus sitting chilling. I think one of the funniest was gettin a lift home in back of some land rover this would be normal but this land rover had chipboard instead of seats and a few milk crates so every time the fella went round a corner me and nadine and the milk crates wud go whizzin across to other side.

💜Ruth and Lea
💜Friends since our childhood
💜We are 2nd cousins BUT grew up together through school both Primary and Secondary
💜I love Lea to bits because we can say anything to each other and know the other is not judging you!! Very similar in terms of Partying-we definitely have the same family partying streak!! No matter how long it is since we we last speak/see each other it doesnt matter because as soon as we do its like time never went by!!
💜Funniest story has to be when we were on holiday in Portugal and my dosy sister fell, it wasn’t that she tripped on anything she just slipped and all me and lea heard was her scream and then hit the dirt!!! Instead of helping my sister me and lea just stood laughing until tears where rolling down our faces!!! Plenty more but thats just a taster!!


💜Kirsty, Rachel and Caroline
💜I’ve known Kirsty since school although I didn’t like her then lol but we’ve been BFF since 4 years ago And Caroline is my sis, known her forever lol both my best friends because they are always there for me no matter what, I can tell them anything and they never judge me. Trust them both with my life.
💜Funniest story with Kirsty is walkin out of mclub and face planting down 3 stairs… Lying there for about 10 minutes while she nearly peed her pants laughing … Caroline probably when we were left at home (mum on holiday) and her wanting some of the emergency money for fegs and I locked myself in my bedroom with the money and she booted my door once and it flew of the hinges landing about half a cm in front of me…. Dunno why I like this pair come to think of it

💜Mia and Kaley
💜Known each other 2 years
💜Kaley said Mia was her best friend because she’s funny
💜Their favourite thing to do is play duck, duck, goose

💜Natasha and Kathryn
💜We’ve been friends since 1st year, lost contact from 5th year, until we were 18, she stayed on for 6th year and I went to tech! Since getting back in touch, we have become closer than we ever where in school . .. she is the most scarastic, quick witted person I know and she knows me inside and out- we get up to the most random adventures and have thee most stupid private jokes, we kill ourselves laughing at, while others look at us like we’re mental lol!!
💜I trust her with my life and love her to death, even those rare times we wana kill each other!!
💜We have alot of funny stories, but I think one of both our favourites would be valentine’s day about 4years ago. We were at a really dull birthday party in Ballyhack, snuck off- got a taxi (such a funny taxi man) into town, to Mclub to meet a guy I was potentially starting to see, he was wasted we were there all of 10mins, he went to get us drinks, we ran the long way round the dance floor and out of mclub, ran up the street, jumped in a taxi- had thee creepiest taxi man back- got out quick as we could. In the middle on the Newtownards road we ran back to the party, got in just in time to sing happy biirthday (no noticed we’d left, we were that quick) lol and ended up at a lock in and being up partying until 6 in the morning.. all in all a Valentine’s day never to be forgotten 😃


💜Sarah and Tara
💜We’ve been best friends for over 7 years.
💜Met at uni
💜I love her because we can laugh and cry together, or just sit in silence. I get random care packages and handwritten letters in the post just because. We click, and to be a sap (again!) I quote Edith Wharton, “There is one friend in the life of each of us who seems not a separate person, however dear and beloved, but an expansion, an interpretation, of one’s self, the very meaning of one’s soul.” Sarah is definitely apart of my soul 😊
💜Oh god, know when you try and think of a funny story nothing comes to mind, I’m having one of those moments! Can I get back to you with this lol? Xx

💜Kellie and Mary
💜Been best friends for 17years
💜We met through other friends
💜I love her because we are so alike in everything we do, we are called two heads and just one body!
💜We have too many stories to pick one


💜Maria – Although I have many people who I would consider my best friends or really good friends to me, there are three very special girls that stand out in my head when the phrase best friend is thrown around.
💜Claire (also nicknamed Rua as it means ginger in Irish!) Lisa (the dramaqueen..although lately has been very very good) and Bronagh (who unfortunately i dont get to see as often as i like!)
💜I have been best friends with these ladies since we were all 11 and in first year of school where we met. They all used to travel from Belfast to Antrim to stay at mine.
💜I love Claire and her family for introducing me to meat loaf and then giving me the best birthday present ever and surprising me on the day with tickets to see him.
💜Lisa I will be forever grateful for plucking my monobrow for the first time long after it was due.
💜Bronagh is my fellow westlife stalker buddy or at least was when they were still together.
💜Although there are many funny stories I’ll just tell the one of how Lisa and I bonded and along with that with the rest of the girls. One lunch time at school I had a bap with lots of flour filled with ham and buttered. Lisa, who apparently was on her funny half hour thought it would be hilarious, especially since we barely knew each other days after we had been introduced, to grab my lunch and squish it in my face so hard my nose broke through the bap leaving me with a buttery nose and lunch less. The randomness of this act bonded us all together and history was made. So I guess I’m just grateful my mum didnt make pasta that day!

💜Emma and The Four Winds girlies
💜We all met at a bar where we worked (four winds) when I started 8 yrs ago I met Tracey and Jill, then Naoimh joined, and then Rebecca and Leighanne.
💜We have had too many good times and way too many giggles, on nites out or just passing a long shift.
💜What I love about these girls is that you can go weeks and months without seeing them and you can pick back up right where you left off. We have all helped each other through so many difficult times and we are all at different stages in our lives, but there is always someone ready with a bottle of wine and a listening ear ready to put the world to rights with you!!


💜Well I don’t really have a best friend apart from my pal Debs bottom left with me, my cousin Anna top right but my bestest friends of all time are my sis and my mum. We have been through so much together!
💜Met Anna as a new born, Gills when she was just born as she’s my sis. Debs as kids in primary school and our family’s have always been close and well mum kinda got me here!!
💜I love em all for different reasons…
💜Mums funny story is the day she slipped on the green of the decking, I could take a kink just thinking about it again, it was so funny she just went right down flat out!
💜Gills is gonna kill me but it had to be the day we were all sitting quietly in the living room and she was in the bath, the next minute she farted and shouted oh dear lol, we all heard because we were all so quiet in the other room. I’m laughing right now at this!
💜Anna was the day we were in Pasha in Turkey and I told her to run like mad to get away from people, so on the count of 3 we ran across the grass and as soon as her foot hit the pavement she slipped sideways and went the full length of herself, funniest thing I’ve ever seen!
💜Debs, well we were in Turkey again and me being calimatey Jayne, fell going down a step, well the next night she fell coming up it, bruised her two knees and we were both like I think that step is cursed for us!

💜Christine and Leanne
💜We’ve know each other all our lives, brought up together in the same village since babies
💜I love her because she is loyal, hilarious, honest, beautiful and like a sister.
💜Omg, there are sooo many funny stories! The best one would have to be in Glastry at school in Mr Bailie’s maths class. We were giving each other dead arms and legs, when Mr Bailie shouted at us we both thought we’d look down at the table so he wouldn’t see our faces (so we thought) and started to uncontrollably do that laugh where you try to hold it in but it ends up coming out your nose! I think we were both thrown out of class after that lol

💜Jenny and Kathy
💜We’ve known each other over 10 years
💜We met through a mutual friend when we were 13!
💜I love her because she is always there to cheer me up, has a great outlook on life, funny, kind, hasn’t got a bad word to say about (most) people! I love everything about her!
💜Funny stories, there really are too many! Probably the fact that she hates taking shots, and everytime we are out I force her into it and we end up falling out seriously, then the next morning laugh so much because it was so pathetic! The trip to Dublin also has to be a funniest moment/story, lots of private jokes and fun times! Her and my mum are best mates, and when she comes round to say hello it always turns into a hilarious night including my dad forcing straight vodka into us!! Going shopping always ends up to be hilarious, we always seem to end up buying the most random stuff and end up laughing hysterically over the smallest of things!

💜Katie and Sarah
💜We’ve been friends for 2 years
💜We met in work
💜I love her because she is funny, kind, same personality as me, crazy/mad and the best friend I could ask for!
💜We have a few funny stories . . . being in Turkey and walking along beachfront, Sarah sees a huge satalite dish and says to me, “if we climbed into that would people be able to see us on tv?” The next one, playing rude version of ‘I went on holiday and in my suitcase I brought’ and laughing so much we caused tilde wave in pool, and last one, waking up after mad night out in Donaghadee and having to search for post in the house we were in to find out where we were.

💜Megan and Michelle
💜We met in Primary 1, friends ever since!
💜I love her because she’s one of the funniest people I know and I’ve known her since I was a little un’, she’s grown up with me and is like my sister!
💜Our funniest story, it sounds cliche but there are farrrrr too many funny moments between us. From every single year of school to either, countless drunken nights out, to being roommates on holiday, there’s far too many to pinpoint just one haha!!


💜Kimberley and Sarah
💜We met in first year
💜We’ve been best friends for 13 years.
💜I love her cos she’s crazy!
💜Funniest moment would probably be when I choked in biology class and she burst out laughing and couldn’t stop and no one noticed I was choking until she drew attention to me!

💜Kim and Amanda, aka Panda
💜She is amazing, has given me some great advice over the yrs (12) and helped me through some difficult times she is an incredible woman, wife and a mother.
💜Bad points she doesn’t listen to own advice doesnt shut up but these are also the reasons I love her, she is more than a best friend to me she is the little sister I never had 🙂
we have fought, made up, cried together and gang up on our men.
💜We always have fun…drunken times are hilarious she may be smart in some aspects of life but thick as in others…should ask her where Wales is ha ha friends can fight argue but resolve all things as thats what best friends do 🙂 I cudnt ask for better 🙂

I hope this post has left you with a smile on your face! Now go share your love with your bestie!
Lots of love


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