Everyone loves a Sunflower!!! 🌼

Today’s blog is inspired by my favourite sandwich bar! It’s hard to get a good sandwich, picking your bread, the filling, do you buy it, do you make it yourself? I think a sandwich is ALWAYS better when it is made by someone else! I don’t like those sandwiches you buy in supermarkets, shops or garages, they are always a bit soggy, small, sparsely filled, and have a really poor selection. That’s why I love a good sandwich bar, and those I have to say are hard to find! However we in Bangor are very lucky to have these people . . . .

Yesterday they put up a status saying . . . Happy Valentines Day from all at Sunflower! Little treats await our customers today, when you call into the shop! I commented saying . . . Awh I’m in bed sick and can’t get down 😦 maybe my bf who’s in Leeds with work will have got me a delivery from u and not a florists lol #somechance I’ll just have to lie here and feel sorry for myself lol. Then last night they replied to me . . . Zane, I have only just seen your comment, and I hope your feeling better! That’s truely horrible that your sick AND your BF is working away from home, hows this, you PM us your address, and what you would like for lunch tomo and we will deliver some Sunflower love to you free of charge! Why? Because we LOVE our customers!!!! S x

This made my day, I love Sunflower sandwiches and they really cheered me up! I ordered my favourite sandwich . . . chicken, pineapple and lettuce on granary bread with a little mayo. 🙂 look what I got delivered this avo . . . I was not expecting this!!!! I feel soooo loved! 🙂


My sandwich, a fifteen, a carton of Ribena and my first ever heart shaped balloon 🙂

How yummy does my sandwich look!!!!

Now let me tell you a little bit more about this fab sandwich bar . . .


This is the shop, Central Avenue off Main Street

20130214-210903.jpgThe lovely owners, who can always be seen when you call in for your sandwich, alongside there fantastic and friendly staff.


Their delivery vehicles.


Where the magic is made, yummy, fresh, well-filled sandwiches, rolls, wraps, melts and Panini’s

These are their menus . . .




Their platters (you can order these for your business, conferences, meetings, parties, gatherings, weddings etc) . . .








Some of their sandwiches, melts, wraps and Paninis . . .





Their Christmas special, may not look amazing, but boy does it taste it!!!!



Salads and open sandwiches






They even have awards too!


I recommend The Sunflower Sandwich Bar for everyone in the Bangor area or close enough to come and visit! Their sandwiches are by far the best around, all fresh produce, well filled, a great size and so well priced! On top of that you get the friendly and helpful staff and their loyalty card, and I have to say your free sandwich always tastes that little bit better! 🙂

This is the link for their website http://www.sunflowersandwichcompany.com and this is the link for their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sunflower-Sandwich-Bar/105604798561 now be sure to go visit their pages and treat yourself to something from the shop, I promise you wont regret it!!!

lots of love


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