I ❤ DOGO shoes!

Today’s blog is inspired by a make of shoes I’ve come across on a website called Fab www.fab.com

They are something different and quirky, just up my street so of course they immediately caught my eye. On Fab they have three styles of shoe in their sale.

I really like the shoes compared to the boots, they have loads of different colours and designs but these are my favourites . . .










Aren’t they all so cool?! Now this is where I have the problem, I was thinking of treating myself to a pair, £28 in the sale is a bargain in my eyes but what ones do I choose? Perhaps I should put it to a vote?

Not knowing anything about the brand I decided to do some research. I found out Dogo is a turkish online shop that sells different kinds of objects: from streetstyle clothing, graphic prints and stickers.
They of course also have their shoe section which caters for both males, females and children. This is their website www.dodostore.com. Oh my word I shouldn’t have gone on lol so much more I love!

Why not take a look for yourself and help me decided on what ones to get! Vote, vote, vote! 😊
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Lots of love



2 thoughts on “I ❤ DOGO shoes!

    1. I don’t actually know, I was going to buy them when there were on sale but they sold out before I got the chance. 😦

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