I ❤ MUA nail polish!

Today’s blog is inspired by my new nail polishes! I am terrible when it comes to new polishes I really cannot resist. Today I decided I would go into Superdrug www.superdrug.co.uk and invest in some MUA polishes. I have a few already and they are a steal at only £1 per bottle! Yes you heard me right £1 for a bottle, makes a change from my usual Nails Inc at £11. I have to say though, I’ve not bought Nails Inc for months and months now, I just haven’t seen any colours or products that I would be willing to try out for that price! MUA I had seen on their website had some nice pastel colours I wanted to try out www.muastore.co.uk.

These are the ones that caught my eye . . .

From left to right, Amaretto Crush, Natural Days, Frozen Yoghurt and Pistachio Ice Cream

This is the Ameraetto Crush

On the left – one coat On the right – two coats

This is the Natural Days

On the left – one coat On the right – two coats

This is the Frozen Yoghurt

On the left – one coat On the right – two coats

This is the Pistachio Ice Cream

On the left – one coat On the right – two coats


I think you will have to agree with me that these colours are mega cute and ideal for this spring! How can you resist at the bargain price of £1? They apply really well and like the majority of other polishes out there look best with two coats.

I will upload a tutorial blog for you with a spring theme and using these colours ASAP! Have you used MUA polishes before, what do you think of them?
Lots of love


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