❤Marc Jacobs inspired nails ❤

Today’s blog is inspired by my lovely Valentine’s present my boyfriend bought me. A limited edition Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume, Sunshine.

I love the gorgeous bottles these perfumes come in! This is what inspired me to recreate some Marc Jacobs Daisy nails. I apologise in advance for the pictures, some of the colours smudged and dragged when I applied the top coat. (This can happen with certain brands or colours, even if your polish has dried and set).

White daisies with a gold centre . . .


The larger bottle with white, yellow and pink daisies, all with a gold centre . . .


Dark pink daisies with a gold centre . . .


Bright/neon green daisies with a gold centre . . .


Pink, orange and green daisies with a gold centre for Daisy Sunshine . . .


I hope you like my Marc Jacobs inspired nails, I think they will be very cute and eye catching for this Spring/Summer. If you are doing a top coat with polish that does smudge and drag, instead of sweeping your polish down, try blobbing it on.
Lots of love


4 thoughts on “❤Marc Jacobs inspired nails ❤

    1. I’ve never actually smelt the daisy one I don’t think but I love the sunshine one my bf got me and I love Dot and Lola I have those 🙂 might have to get him to buy me the daisy too so I can match my nails 🙂 . . . Any excuse!!! Xx

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