I ❤ Barry M nail polish

Today’s blog is inspired by my trip to Superdrug www.superdrug.co.uk which resulted in my buying some of Barry M’s new polishes www.barrym.com, which were 2 for £6! Once again another bargain from Superdrug! The two new polishes that caught my eye were Textured Nail Effect and Gelly Hi-Shine.

Barry M – Textured Nail Effect

I bought two of their four colours http://www.barrym.com/products/nails/effects/textured-nails.html Atlantic Road and Kingsland Road

This is the Atlantic Road, a gorgeous pastel blue with the texture of concrete I suppose you could describe it as.

On the left is one coat and on the right is two.

This is the Kingsland Road a gorgeous pastel pink.

On the left is one coat and on the right is two.

These Textured polishes went on really well and just like a normal polish, it is only when they dry that the magic begins. I think there is a good coverage with just one coat if you don’t have the time to apply a second one. I really like the texture too, it’s a bit like concrete but not really rough, your nails wouldn’t be catching on things. I’ve fallen in love with them that much I might have to invest in the other two colours!

I’ve yet to try or see in person Nails inc’s new concrete effect polish but I can imagine them to be very similar to these but a lot more costly.

The other polishes that caught my eye were the Gelly Hi-shine

I bought two of their many colours http://www.barrym.com/products/nails/effects/gelly-nail-effects.html Dragon and Lychee. I bought these more for the fact I loved the colour rather than the fact they are high shine.

This is the Dragon, a bight and vibrant pink.

On the left is one coat and on the right is two.

This is the Lychee, I would describe it as the colour of a creamy latte or a melted coffee/toffee ice cream, although in the bottle it looks kind of cream or off white.

On the left is one coat and on the right is two.

I again really liked these polishes, not as much as the textured because they don’t have the novelty of the magic behind them. 😊 But these would be perfect for a quick change, they go on really easily, one coat looks ok, but I would recommend the two and you definitely don’t need a glossy top coat so already you’ve saved time with that final coat to your perfect manicure so I would most definitely recommend them and again look well alongside my pastel spring themed colours!

Have you tried either of these new effect polishes from Barry M? Let me know what you think or any colours you would recommend. I look forward to getting those other textured colours and showing you a few tutorials for my key spring nails!
Lots of love


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