My Brits 2013 Fashion Review πŸŽ€

Last night was the Brits, to my American followers, it’s a bit like the British version of the Grammy’s. Never mind the winners and losers of the awards, let’s look at the red carpet fashion. These are my fashion winners and losers . . .



Taylor Swift is by far my top winner on the red carpet! She looks AMAZING, the dress is classic, yet edgy and doesn’t she look so much healthier than in the outfit she wore for the Grammy’s? (I’ll add a wee pic below so you can see for yourselves). I also loved her hair, down, simple yet volumised.


Next up . . .

As always I loved Paloma Faith’s outfit, the nude with the coloured embellishments is stunning, and the cut and shape is really flattering on her.

I love how classic, elegant and stylish Rebecca Ferguson’s LBW is and the slice in the bottom is not too high or revealing.

I think Jessie J’s dress looks so chic and stylish! The only thing I would have liked is something done with her hair,with such a sleek dress I don’t think d
Straight and sleek hair in a dark colour works.

Aluna George’s dress is stunning, I’m not usually one who likes metallic but this looks a bit like lots of sequence and embellishments, that combined with the sheer bottom I’m in love!

I also loved the more casual yet quirky shirt dress she wore to the Brits launch night!

I’m sure Alexa Chung was freezing in this outfit but she looked gorgeous, this looks more like she put in the effort than what she wore to her last award show.

I loved all these outfits Emeli Sande wore, so classic and elegant and awh I want her hair I love, love, love it!!


What was Jamie Winston thinking with this outfit?! Yes there is a music theme to her outfit but OMW it is terrible, definitely not something for the red carpet.

Rita Ora what happened with that bustle at the back of your dress?! Front on I think she looks stunning, for her to rotate a little and umm, why is she a funny shape at her bum? For her then to show us the back at that bustle at her bum. I think the bustle just ruins the whole outfit, sorry Rita!

Katherine Jenkins obviously decided to wear a colourful bag to the Brits. What was she thinking?! She has a beautiful figure and usually dresses really well, yet she chose this shapeless dress which I’m sure she must have been frozen in, the slightest bit of wind and I’m sure it would have gone up the dress. Actually that’s what it looks like has happened, a gust of wind has blown up her dress and puffed it out . . . Not a good look!

Another person I thought was in a shapeless outfit was Laura Mvula. I’ve seen her on tv before doing a few performances and she has a gorgeous figure, yet this outfit does nothing for her.

I do like Lana del Ray’s look, for like a shopping trip or day to day wear, it’s nice but nothing at all special for the red carpet and an awards ceremony.

Gemma Arterton looks terrible in this outfit, buttoned cardigan and skirt combos look bad at the best of times, never mind in red sequence! No, no, no Gemma!

Preeya Kalidas look like someone out of a gladiator film, I think too the dress is a bit too short and that pose just makes her look like a gladiator.

Laura Witmore looks a little like a shiny space alien or something, perhaps it’s just because I’m not the greatest fan of metallics but I don’t like this dress.


Denise Van Outen


Stooshe, I like the outfit of the girl on the far left, as for the other two nope.

Little Mix, I don’t like Perrie’s outfit, the colour is nice, but I don’t like the cut, it’s too short. Jesy’s dress I do really like, she looks stunning in it, I think Leigh-Anne’s outfit is so elegant and stunning, Jade’s is nice, but not really that ‘wow’ for the red carpet in my opinion.

Well these are my opinions of the red carpet fashion, what’s yours, do you agree or disagree with me? Let me know.
Lots of love


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