Fancy these?

Hey guys I’m back thank goodness!! We decided to change Internet providers and yesterday was supposed to be the change over, but surprise, surprise that didn’t happen. Then I tried to fix my phone by resetting the factory settings and I ended up blocking my phone when I was entering a new pin and needed a PUK code. So that was me with no Internet or phone for over 12hrs, not fun for an addict like me. Thankfully by 5pm tonight everything was sorted!

55 odd emails greeted me but one I especially loved was from, it’s a bit like the site that I’ve told you about before and it just makes me appreciate how the Internet makes it so easy to find fun, different, kooky and unique things at a click of a finger, there truly is something for everyone! These are some items that have caught my eye which I totally love!❀

This mug/cup would be perfect for my bf, combining his love of coffee and his camera!

I love this chalkboard, not only for the fact chalkboards remind me of my childhood, but for my love of the moustache!

Aren’t these glass balloons so cool?! They are like something you would find on The Sims.

Now this would be great! I mean how often do you find your battery running out when you either don’t have your charger or you’re nowhere near a plug socket? This really would be ideal, even just to give a little boost!

Every little girl deserves to be a princess, a true sleeping beauty. I love this!

‘Eat me’ you rarely have to say that twice! I don’t make cookies or biscuits often but I would if I had this! I even think you could use it to make a cupcake topper using fondant icing. Hint hint friends it’s my birthday soon and I love this! πŸ™‚

I have a friend who would just love this, I seen it and thought of her. 😊

Perhaps this is my inner geek coming out but I think these are really cool!

For all the Harry Potter/Hogwarts fans out there isn’t this amazing and imagine how mesmerising it would be to young children, they really would think you have a real magic wand!

I don’t have an iPhone and wouldn’t particularly chose one, but if I had the option of this cover I would definitely be swayed towards one.

I would love these for my cupcakes! Look how cute they are.

How ΓΌber cute are these for your little dog?!

Haha how ironic, love it!

This is something else I would love for my cake and cupcake decorating!

Love this idea 😊

So what do you guys think? Do you share my taste 😊
Lots of love


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