My week through the eyes of Instagram

Today’s second blog is my week through the eyes of Instagram. I’m apologising now as the pictures are not in the correct order, I’ve tried redoing the blog and moving the pictures about but my wordpress app is playing up. It’s driving me mad, ever since I updated the app it hasn’t worked properly! Has anyone else had this problem? Anywhere here is my week . . .

As I showed you last week I designed my own shoes, so of course I had to sign the bottom and brand them.

These are my shoes actually on, and everyone loved them! 🙂

I attempted to get back on the slimming world wagon this week, this was my food diary in pictures for Monday.

Tuesday’s food diary picture.

Wednesday’s food diary picture

Thursday’s food diary picture.

Friday’s food diary picture.

On Friday night I went out for dinner and cocktails with the girls, this is my cosmopolitan.

This is my strawberry daiquiri, we were that hungry and chatting so much the food didn’t get a chance to be pictured.

I decided this month I would try and do a photo challenge on Instagram, the picture I had to take for March 1st was of an eye, this is mine.

During the week I decided to dye the front of my hair lilac, this is a pic of me with my new hair on Friday night.

On Wednesday my friend Nicky let me do her nails.

This is her other hand.

These are my nails my lovely friend Lesley-Ann done for me (La Nails Ballywalter)

This is my lilac hair dye, I ordered the brand directions off eBay.

A terrible picture of me bleaching the front of my hair.

On Friday morning I really needed a refreshing boost as I was killing some time so I popped into Starbucks and bought a venti berry hibiscus.

This is an old picture of my boyfriend Ryan and myself that he has on his wall.

Day 2, March 2nd of the photo day challenge was a picture of my lock screen, and this is it.

A random picture of me with my lilac hair.

Some Tesco finest ice cream mum and I tucked into on Saturday night.

Another random picture of me pulling a funny face.

So that was my out of order week through the eyes of Instagram, fingers crossed by next week WordPress will come up with a new update to correct the problem.



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