Forever friends . . .


Today’s blog was inspired by my friend and I suppose in a way is a bit of a dedication to her as it is about her! 🙂


This is my friend Christine, author of We’ve been friends since primary school and it was either Rainbows or Sunday school, something in the local church anyway. However as we grew older we drifted apart and never seen each other at all. Only through the fabulous Facebook did we connect again! 🙂 We chatted a bit online and then I went round to her house to see her and meet her gorgeous daughter. At first I was a little nervous, it had been so long I didn’t know what to expect, but I needn’t have worried, it was like we had known each other for years and picked up like we had only seen each other like yesterday!


Christine is a friend who really has inspired me to do a few things, for one start up a blog. I loved reading her blog and one day when I complemented her on it and we got talking she explained to me just how easy it was, and that was that I caught the blogging bug!

Another thing she has inspired me to do is embrace my random kooky side. Through secondary school I’m sure I was known as the weird one, I was forever coming in with weird hairstyles, to which some friends (yes you Chad, I know you’re reading this) would have been like what the hell have you done today?! It’s hard when your in school to be yourself and not conform, and I’m pretty sure I succeeded! But as you grow up you start to conform that little bit more, inside you’re still that weird, kooky person, but generally you look pretty ‘normal’. Since meeting Christine again and it reigniting our friendship she’s given me so much more confidence to physically express myself through my appearance. From some of the clothes I wear to my wigs and my hair, she was the person who without actually vocally doing it, encouraged me to go a bit mad with my hair colour. She so kindly said she would dye my hair for me and I decided to go with purple, as a pro herself, with her every changing hair colour I had total confidence in her!


She has also given me tips on makeup, may it be how to apply it to actual products, I’d say the best advice would have to be the recommendation of MUA liquid eyeliner. I always found liquid eyeliners would either smudge on me, come off completely or come off on the rest of my eyelid. Even when it came to buying Rimmel’s waterproof eyeliner gel, it went on well and stayed on (this is good and obviously what you want but not when you are going to a wedding, the taxis have just pulled up and you’ve noticed there is a bit on the top of your eyelid that must have got there when you blinked when it was still wet). Also, yes waterproof but, I’m sorry, probably too much info here, but not sweat proof! How do your eyelids sweat I hear you say?! Well when it is the middle of the summer, you are having to wear a wig as your regrowing hair has decided to have a life of its own and really doesn’t go with the very girly dress you are wearing. Alongside being out with friends in a club with no air conditioning, so it’s more like a sweat box, well you sweat, your head, face and eyelids lol. So back to the point Christine recommended the MUA liquid eyeliner which goes on your eyes really well and easily then dries and sets, but don’t worry if you do make a mistake it’s easily corrected with a wet tissue, baby wipe or cotton bud.


I love having catch ups with Christine or going out shopping together, we have similar tastes and know what each other like. It was actually Christine who found my fab moustache rings in the sale in Internationale the other day!


Another thing she spotted for me was a navy liquid eyeliner by Rimmel, which again this fab shopper friend of mine discovered while we were in Poundland (I’ll have a blog up on tit this week).


Also knowing how much I love my tan and knowing I was going out she asked me to try out a tan she had received to review (which I love, and again I will blog about next week), it was amazing and I love it on!


Also check out my new hair 😉 after learning from Christine how to dye my hair to get it like this and giving me the confidence to do it before I decided to go for a lilac streak at the front of my hair.


I think everyone should have a friend like my friend Christine, someone who is always there for you, when you see them it you don’t realise how long it’s been since the last time, has a fab fashion sense, is unique and kooky (like myself), gives you the confidence to bring out the random you and someone you can share interests with and learn from each other!

To all my other friends you know who you are and how much I love you all for so many different reasons 🙂 so please don’t get upset that I’ve not done a blog on you!!! 🙂




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