Cocoa Brown and He-Shi fake tan review

Today’s blog is about a fantastic new tan I have found, well was given by my friend Christine, she was sent it out to sample and review and asked me would I do the same. I’m so glad she asked because it’s just down my street, I love my tan and I’m always looking to change my tan once in a while.

So this is the tan, it’s called Cocoa Brown and is in this really attractive, eye catching bottle. This tan claims to leave you with ‘beautifully bronzed, radiant skin in just 1 hour’. You apply the mousse to your skin, leave it for a minimum of 1hr and a maximum of 3hrs and shower off. This showering bit was one thing that kind of put me off, especially to shower so quickly, I tend to find as soon as I do this with other colours I just wash it all off! However this tan assures you that it keeps developing even after you shower it of so I followed the instructions.

This is what the tan looks like on my mitt, it’s a mousse, although not like ones I’ve used before. I’ve tried the mousse version of He-Shi and St Moriz, but neither have been a proper mousse like this. What I mean is when I sprayed a small amount of the Cocoa Brown onto my mitt it expanded to the size in the picture above, it reminded me of the texture and volume increase of hair mousse. I was also pleasantly pleased that the colour of the tan was well mixed into the mousse and there was no excess ‘brown water, aka tan’. Omw and the smell, to die for! It’s a gorgeous, sweet, fruity smell, a bit like that of hair mousse I suppose you could say, with no hint of the typical fake tan smell.

This is my arm before (it has a small amount of residue Cocoa Brown on it). I tried this out the other week and had my mum take photos for me, but they were awful, you couldn’t see the tan on my properly and some how in a couple I looked like a hunch back, yes she is awful at photography! So this time I decided to take pictures myself.

This is my arm with the Cocoa Brown tan applied, it’s coloured so you can see with ease how it’s going on, it dries quickly, smells gorgeous and straight away gives a gorgeous colour!

This is the same arm after a shower and well over night :s I know you aren’t supposed to leave it that long but I put it on at night and fell asleep! I first time I applied it, I followed the instructions to a tee and washed off after the three hours, I have to say I’m just a little darker (mind you I like my tan really dark) keeping it on all night than I was after the three hours, so either way win win! πŸ™‚ It’s so annoying that I couldn’t get the lighting right at all with my arm because this picture doesn’t do the gorgeous colour it turned out any justice!

This is my chest before, it would be one of my problem areas as tan just doesn’t take to it sometimes.

This is my chest with the tan applied, all looking good but time will tell if the tan actually develops on it properly.

And it did! πŸ™‚ I was so pleased, the colour was even and matched my arms and it had taken really well!

As for my face, I’m a wimp, I was heading out with the girls the next night and was worried incase my face broke out in spots, this has happened before with a few tans and I end up having to always use He-Shi Face and Body Tanning Gel, it’s the only one I can apply to my face that doesn’t irritate it or bring it out in spots.

This is it, quite a big bottle, but the only one they now do, it is pricey (I can’t remember exactly how much because I bought this well over a year ago) but lasts ages as I only use it on my face. They used to make one specifically for your face but stopped making it so when this came out I snapped it up!

The pictures above are my face before and this picture is my face after using the He-Shi, I have to say it always goes on really well, moisturises my face at the same time and always seems to match/blend into any tan I have on my neck and the rest of my body. Using it alongside Cocoa Brown was no exception.

This is me the next day with a little makeup on, a warm, glowing, radiant, bronzed, natural looking tan. One very happy girl!

I would most definitely recommend Cocoa Brown to anyone out there, in fact I have! I’ve been telling all my friends and my mum who rarely wears tan and has a wedding coming up says she’d rather I apply this to her than her going for a spray tan! As for a tan for your face, sensitive or dry skin I recommend He-Shi Face and Body Tan, my skin is always in better condition after using it, I think it contains some form of vitamin B.

My one and only downfall is that this is a product from Down South, I have googled and found their website, looked for stockists, but the only seem to be in Southern Ireland 😦 however I will hopefully find out ASAP if you can buy it online or in Northern Ireland or indeed the UK and let you all know. The Cocoa Brown I have seen advertised I forgot to say for €7.99. He-Shi products are available online and around the UK.




9 thoughts on “Cocoa Brown and He-Shi fake tan review

  1. Hi Zane, thank you so much for the review and all the effort of taking before and after pics. Delighted to hear you like Cocoa Brown. Re stockists in Northern Ireland – we had a couple of stores take it on recently and ill have a full stockist list up on our website before the end of next week (sooner if I can!) thanks again, M xx

    1. That is great Marissa! Thank you for taking the time to reply to me! That is great, well I follow you on Facebook and Twitter so I’ll keep my eye out for an update on stockists and will let me friends and followers know. I’m afraid in the mean time I’m reluctant to return it to Christine, I’m in love with it!! xx

  2. Hey Zane, its a girl that went to school with me that owns HE-SHI. I will txt her over facebook about ur blog on he-shi and see if she can put it on there page. Also if u want to advice anyone with very sensitive skin on tan I would recommend Vita Liberta, its the only one I can use as my skin is super sensitive.
    Ur blogs are fab!
    Talk soon xx

    1. Thanks Hun that would be great! See that vita liberta was the tan that brought me out in a rash all over when then stayed at my neck and altered me to the cancer. I can’t use them but in a way have a lot to be thankful for them lol xx

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