My week of gratitude

Today’s blog is my week of gratitude . . .

Last Thursday I stayed up at my boyfriend Ryan’s after a long day we went out and he treated me to dinner, we went to one of our favourite places Boojum, at Botanic and got this gorgeous Mexican fajita. It’s always nice and fresh and packet to the gills. Yum yum!!

Friday night was dinner and cocktails with my three friends Kirsty, Sarah and Rachel. We went to Molly Brown’s in Ards, the food was gorgeous, as were the cocktails. Alongside a good laugh and gossip, what more could you ask for?

Saturday I was ‘working’, more like helping out my friend Linda on her Ruby Bijou stand, as you know I love her jewellery and I really enjoyed working on her stand, good practice for getting back to work.

Monday I was back to Pilates, I had missed it for a couple of weeks due to my mum not being well, off for half term and me not being well, it was great to be back and I felt so touched when my friends there were glad to see me and said that they had worried about me.

Yesterday I received some news I was always prepared for but didn’t think it would happen (that sounds silly). My nana was 96, she was in a nursing home, she had Alzheimer’s and dementia, which meant she didn’t know any of us anymore, it got to the stage a while ago that I just couldn’t go see her, that wasn’t my nana and I hated seeing her like that! She wouldn’t have wanted to be like that she was such a strong, independent woman and very strong minded and willed (something I take after her). She died very quickly and peacefully and I’m sure it sounds bad but I’m glad, she’s now at peace and will be back to herself again, torturing my papa I’m sure in heaven. I’m so lucky to have had her in my life so long and to now have another angel looking over me!




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