Eeek my first ever GLOSSYBOX . . . uber excitement!!


So today’s blog is inspired by GLOSSYBOX. I was recommended to try it out by my friend Corina, I was telling her how I would love to push myself and my blog in a way by sampling and reviewing different beauty products and she asked me had I heard of GLOSSYBOX? I hadn’t but when she told me about it, as soon as I got home I signed myself up! So let me tell you about it and perhaps you will do the same!


So to get the definition of GLOSSYBOX down to a tee, I copied this off their website . . .

Through our monthly GLOSSYBOX, we introduce you to the most exciting brands that we have forged strong relationships with on a global stage. Our GLOSSYMag leverages the power of our community of beauty lovers from all four corners of the globe to bring you the most cutting-edge trends. Whether it is the latest looks from the runways of Milan, the sun-kissed trends from the beaches of Brazil, or the newest skin care regimen from Japan, we make sure you hear about it first. Together, we provide the most desirable platform for you to access everything you need to know about beauty in this moment.

We are here to support you on your own discovery of the world of beauty, provide you with the inspiration you desire, and create the fulfilling experience you deserve. We want to welcome you to the world of GLOSSYBOX!

Brigitte & Charles, co-founders, GLOSSYBOX Worldwide –

So that is the main idea for GLOSSYBOX, they have a great range of brands, such as Burberry beauty, Clinique, Dermoligica, Juicy Couture, Lancôme, and many more, just click this link for the full range . . .

So you sign up to a subscription, the one I went for is £10 per month and £2.95 for postage. Each month I will receive 5 of the latest miniature beauty products and brands alongside tips and tricks from experts to learn how to keep on top of and apply all the latest beauty products and techniques. You fill in a short questionnaire that will assess what products would be most suitable for you, for example what skin type you have, if you suffer from sensitive skin, and what style you would say you have.

You could ask for these as a gift though girls! 😀 GLOSSYBOX enable you to pay a monthly subscription but you can also buy a 3 month beauty subscription, 6 month or 12 month one. Hint, hint to the boyfriend girls! 😀


Here is a link giving you an example of what you would get in the box


I’ve decided that with my GLOSSYBOX blog posts I am going to start adding videos (I apologise in advance for my Northern Irish accent lol, cringe!) at the minute I’ve not yet mastered how to add it to this blog so I’ll upload a separate blog with my video. In the mean time let me know you what I got through the medium of pictures 🙂 . . .


This is my actual box when I opened the cardboard packaging. I love the fact you know straight away that your GLOSSYBOX has arrived with this gorgeous, eye-catching packaging!


This is what it looks like inside when you remove the lid, even the inside of the lid has the gorgeous GLOSSYBOX logo print.


Once you remove the little book and your box guide you are greeted by luxurious black tissue paper and a pretty strip of dusty pink material tied in a bow.

And these are the goodies I received in my City Chic themed March edition!!! 🙂 In my box there was a miniature Elizabeth Arden 8hr cream, a miniature Nails Inc ‘James Street’ polish, a miniature Juicy Couture ‘Courture La La’ perfume, a miniature TRESsemme extra hold hairspray (perfect size for your handbag) and a full size Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics lip blush.

I hope to show you more of the product I relieved as I try them out and review them, so keep an eye out! 🙂 if I have tempted you to sign up yourself please let me know and I will add a link to my Facebook page and Twitter page as I can receive points for the friends I recommend.❤

I’ll now go and upload my video 😊

2 thoughts on “Eeek my first ever GLOSSYBOX . . . uber excitement!!

  1. Mine was a little different Zane. You got the same as Nicola. I got l’occitane precious cream. My lip gloss and nail polish were pink. My cream was for mature skin;) looking forward to your video blog- you brave girl!

    1. Oh really? if you can pm me a pic of the box with your things in it and let me know what you thought, it would be great to hear other people’s opinions too, only if you have the time that is! I also ordered a Birchbox to see what it’s like, still waiting on it thought! 🙂 xx

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