A very blustery day!


This is my diary through the eyes of Instagram of my last day of being 26. Today started bring and early with my mum waking me up to tell me we were looking after my gorgeous little niece (she’s actually my cousin’s daughter, but I reckon I’m old enough now to be called auntie). We went up to pick her up and this is how our day panned out . . .

We went for a walk along the beach, everything was so cold, windy and grey.

Little miss was wrapped up warm though and covered up against the elements.

Layered up, uggs on, coat tied tight, ear muffs on and hood up I was still nearly blown away!

Little miss’s new pram brought a hint of colour and cheer to a miserable, angry sea.

At least along the promenade the pastel and bright coloured houses brought some cheer.

After a long walk in the wild weather and a long sleep from Little miss we came home and she sat with her big cousin to watch the football, him, the computer and mostly him. Oh and to babble and give off to him too as I quickly whipped up a cake for the Easter party in Barnardo’s on Wed.

We then had some lunch and Little miss got to use a family heirloom lol

This Tommy Tipped cup was always kept at our nana and papa’s, my cousin Andrew had it, then David, then Michael (her daddy) and then me.

We also did some painting, I think it might have been Little miss’s first time, she was a little unsure but had fun getting messy! We made both mummy and daddy a card and painted a picture fo our kitchen.

If that wasn’t enough my friend Rachel came over with her nephew and we had a quick catch up and baby date.

After such a busy morning it was time for nap number 2, I could really have done with one too, but I’m afraid that would have been me for the day.

We caught up with a little bit of The Only Way Is Essex lol

Now all refreshed I introduced Little miss to one of my all time favourite children’s books, THE GRUFFALO

We spent the rest of the afternoon at Stockbridge/Donaghadee Garden Centre with mum, cappuccinos all round and a nosey in the shop.

Mum then left Little miss up home as I had a important place to be, time to be a model/guinea pig for my friend Christine who is training to be a hairdresser, I think it was a set or something she did, curls anyway and this is me cooking under a massive hair dryer 🙂

Wa-la the end result, for some reason my hair looks blue here but it is still lilac. I loved this style, it was better than I expected, so retro and kitch too!

Finally I came home to finish off my cake for Barnardo’s, sponge, buttercream, sprinkles and mini eggs.

And to finish it off I’ve been in bed since 9.30pm, after such a busy day and little sleep I’m pooped, noooooo perhaps I’m getting, dare I say it OLD?!!!



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