Eggs minus the MOOOO


Easter can be hard for those who have a dairy intolerance, but fear not, I have found a range of dairy free Easter eggs . . .

These are just the websites I came across for these eggs, to get a good bargain this Easter, shop around, you make get them cheaper somewhere else or on offer. If you do find any cheaper or somewhere that has them on offer, please comment below and share with everyone else, please!


Moo Free Organic and Dairy Free Easter Egg, Ethical – £4.25—dairy-free-easter-egg-100g/


Siesta Carob Easter Egg, Goodness Direct – £5.80


Choices Dairy Free Easter Egg, Carrick’s of Penrith – £5.79
Keep an eye out in your local Holland and Barratt as you may pick one up there


Booja Booja Champagne Truffle Easter Egg, Goodness Direct – £10

Other flavours in this variety and also £10 include; Around Midnight Expresso, Banoffee Toffee, Hazelnut Crunch, Rum Sozzled Sultana and Stem Ginger Truffle


Kinnerton Luxury Dairy Free Easter Egg, Most Supermarkets, such as TESCO, Sainsbury’s and Asda – around £5.00 These supermarkets also do smaller children’s eggs ranging in price from £1 to £5 (see below).


I hope I’ve given you all some help and ideas, I’m sure your mouths are watering and I apologise to anyone on a diet! lol xxx



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