Haha you fool . . .


So today was the one time out if the year you are allowed to be a pain in the butt and try to fool your friends. Here are some April fools I found online from the big companies such as Virgin and Tesco . . .


BMW announced the launch of their limited edition BMW pram.



Virgin announced the world’s first glass-bottomed plane, created to ensure passengers can enjoy both an unparalleled flying experience, as well as a selection of stunning landscapes from the comfort of their seats.


The first car powered by air.


Google Nose, which Google said was “The new scentsation in search”.


Hotels.com announced that from April 1, its customers would be able to book the Belgian Suite in Buckingham Palace.



April Fools is usually a good source of hardware mock-ups, and IKEA has led the way with a flat-packed lawnmower, the GRÄSSAX. The compact lawn-chewer promises all the frustration of IKEA furniture, though we can actually see some gardeners envying the £39 ($59) rechargeable mower and demanding it be made real.


Men – looking for that must-have fashion item for the moment, perhaps only a few months off now, when spring finally arrives? Look no further than Boden’s Marylebone Man-Skirt. Trousers made sense when men rode horses, ploughed fields and trawled for fish. But now that so many of us are sat in front of a computer monitor all day the man-skirt is a smart choice.


The UK store, Bathstore announced the launch of their first vertical bath.


TESCO introduced their first 3D food printer.


Cats Corner: Windows Phone 8 for felines
It’s well known that cats rule the internet. But now they rule Windows Phone 8 too. Cat’s Corner, posted by WindowsPhoneUK on twitter, “allows your feline friend access to their favourite apps without getting their paws into trouble.


Rebel nails tried to fool us with these cat paw wraps.


My boyfriend was fooled by this one, bless him lol

Did anyone or anything fool you this year? Go on share it with us all . . .




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