To you all I present . . . Dainty Bow Cake Girl


Today’s blog is an introduction to my friend Ruth’s baking and her blog. Ruth and I went to secondary school together and I have known her for years. She makes some amazing looking cupcakes and cakes, just to name a few things.

Learn more about Ruth, aka Dainty Bow Cake Girl

I asked Ruth a few questions so you could get to know her better . . .

How long have u been baking?

– I have been baking ever since I was young. However, its only over the past few years that I have really turned it into a hobby.

Who taught u to bake?

– My mum taught me to bake, it was the old fashioned type of baking, no mixers etc, all done by hand. When we had to cream the butter and sugar together it was done with a wooden spoon and passed from my mum to me, to my sister, and finally to my dad who usually got the job of mixing it as he had the most muscles!

What’s your favourite thing to bake?

– I love baking cupcakes, and banana bread, mmm:)

Who is your favourite chef?

– My favprite chef would probably be Rachel Allen.

Top tip?

– Never open the oven door until near the end of baking, and make sure your ingredients are at room temperature!

Some pictures of some of Ruth’s gorgeous baking









The Facebook Page

Cupcakes by Ruth is Ruth’s Facebook page for her cupcakes

Ruth thought she would set up her page as a way to showcase any baking that she does. Baking is a hobby of hers and a much needed way of relaxation (excluding all the cleaning up afterwards!) after a busy and stressful week at work! Ruth would some day down the line, if she was lucky enough, love to do it professionally, (we can all dream!) but who knows what will happen! She would love your support by liking and sharing her page with others.

The other bonus to liking Ruth’s page is regular updates of what she is baking and pictures too, some really are breath-taking! My favourite has to be the Alice in Wonderland Inspired Cake . . .

The blog

Ruth has just recently started a blog – Dainty Bow Cake Girl

So far she has written two interesting blogs

This is a blog I would most definitely recommend you read and follow and a Facebook page you should like and share. Now go, go look and let your mouth water and your stomach be tempted by some extremely yummy baking!



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