GLOSSYBOX Juicy Couture perfume review


I’ve been so bad this month at getting round to reviewing the products from my Glossybox in March, I promise next month I will be better!


So one of the products in my box was a Juicy Couture perfume sample. I have to say I don’t think I’ve ever smelt a Juicy Couture perfume before and I was pleasantly surprised. This is a beautiful, Spring/Summer, sweet smelling perfume, and most importantly not sickly sweet! Any time I’ve worn this perfume people have commented on how they love the smell and asked what I was wearing. On top of the great smell it lasts really well too, you don’t need to wear a lot for it to last the full day.


The big bonus with getting this in my Glossybox was the fact that it came in a miniature spray bottle. I hate when you get a decent sized perfume sample that has a stopper in it with a stick that is a nightmare to use and you hardly can get anything out of the bottle, or that you end up pouring it all over yourself!

Spray bottles are definitely the way to go, for me anyway as they are a perfect size for my handbag and I tend to use them a lot longer!

I would most definitely recommend this perfume, it really would be perfect for Spring and Summer! Here are a few links to websites that sell this Juicy Couture La La, all with free delivery . . .

£35 – £63$ja=cgid:4590647527|tsid:45357|cid:95012047|lid:42047360767|nw:{ifsearch:search}{ifcontent:content}|crid:29051790367|bku:1&gclid=CMq859iVubYCFaLHtAod7WUAEA

Feelunique 100ml – £53.55{keyword}&utm_campaign=Product+Listing+Ads+NEW&mkwid=BCXiC9nu&pcrid=16504694949&gclid=CKe1xOiVubYCFUbKtAodmhsAWg

lookfantastic 100ml – £62

House of Fraser 100ml – £63,default,pd.html?cm_mmc=Google+Adwords-_-Product+Extensions+And+Listings-_-Product+Extensions+And+Listings-_-_Juicy+Couture+Couture+La+La+Eau+de+Parfum+100ml&_$ja=tsid:44970|cid:146503915|cgid:7042376515

CheapSmells 100ml – £63

Hope this has given you  some help in your hunt for your Spring/Summer fragrance.

Zane xxxx

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