here comes the bride, all dressed in white

Boy has it been a busy few days! Since Thursday I have been up to my eyes in fondant, icing sugar, buttercream and everything else sweetness and light! As some of my friends and followers will know I volunteered to make the favours at my best friend’s mum’s wedding as my gift to her and her hubby to be! I blogged back in January of my inspiration and my trial cupcakes , now the night before the big day I can show you the final finished piece!

Knowing how fiddly the mini fondant cupcake toppers were and how long 20 took last time and knowing I had 86 to make, 43 brides and 43 grooms I decided to plan in advance and start making them on Thursday.





Surprisingly I got them all done and basically finished in the one day, with a few finishing touches left to complete the next day. Four hours on and off and I knew I had to stop before making any more mistakes. I nearly cried when one of my grooms snapped in my hands!!


Alongside making the wedding favours I decided to try making a wedding dress cupcake whilst I had my fondant out and I was on the wedding theme,  my cousin’s friend had shown me a picture she had found and asked if I’d be able to make one for an upcoming hen party.


All I had left to do, fondant wise was to add my bow ties, now previously I had made them out of black fondant but for some reason this time round the white of my topper was a little smaller and the thought of making 43 teeny, tiny bow ties was soul destroying. After putting my thinking hat on I decided I could just hand paint the bow ties with black food colouring and well that’s just what I did. I also decided to run a line of black along the lapel of the tux to highlight it and make sure it didn’t look like a cardigan.




Saturday night I whipped up and baked my mini cupcakes, then today I frosted them with vanilla buttercream and added the toppers.  The grooms of course where completed first and placed in rows, waiting on their brides.



I then moved on to the brides, frosted them with the vanilla buttercream and then topped them with the bride toppers. All the brides waiting to meet their grooms.



Finally the finished products, the brides and grooms together at last! 🙂






As for the wedding dress/bride cupcake, I was actually quite pleased with the finished article, even though I don’t think I used the right nozzle or piping style for the bottom half of the dress.








Fingers crossed when the bride sees her wedding favours tomorrow she will like them and be pleased!  I shall keep you updated, take lots of pictures tomorrow and fill you all in on Tuesday. 🙂

Zane xxxx

3 thoughts on “here comes the bride, all dressed in white

  1. OMG,this is really amazing,I like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin???
    let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets nessa

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