Time to become a gorgeous shade of Cocoa Brown


Yay I can finally announce guys and girls that you can now purchase Cocoa Brown Tan online! I’m so happy to be telling you all so finally you can try it out for yourself and rant and rave about it too! However sssh this can’t get back to the husband of my mum’s best friend who bless him on his nice relaxing weekend away drove his wife around for 45 minutes from their hotel around Enniskillen to find somewhere that sold Cocoa Brown so I could wear it this Monday for a wedding!

Lynne was so kind to pick me up two bottles of the tan! Although crafty salons selling it for £10, any others I spoke to told me £7.50 – £9.00 each, this salon most definitely had a good day as Lynne bought my two bottles, one for her and one for her daughter.

Another person I have to thank is my mum’s friend Judith, who lives down south and had hunted her local chemists to find Cocoa Brown and was ready to send me some when she found it. On the plus side Judith you have now found and bought yourself an amazing tan that you will never sway from! 🙂

So as you all know I came across this AMAZING tan through my friend Christine, she gave me it to test out and well I never gave it back! Lol oops, but well I fell in love!


  • Cocoa Brown smells like biscuits or other nice sweet things, not like curry as my boyfriend regularly tells me I smell like when I wear tan!
  • Cocoa Brown is a mousse tan which really does puff up when you put it on your glove, a bit like hair mousse, when you squirt a little bit it grows, unlike the majority of other mousse tans I have used.
  • Cocoa Brown dries quickly and doesn’t leave you feeling sticky!
  • Cocoa Brown gives you the options of three shades in the one bottle through the timing they recommend before showering.
  • Cocoa Brown DOES NOT turn out orange, it looks natural!
  • Cocoa Brown fades well.


Last night the lovely Marissa Carter, (yep, that’s her in the picture above) owner of Cocoa Brown started following me on Twitter, I of course followed back!  I then received a lovely direct message asking would I like to come down to Dublin to meet up with her and some other bloggers in the Shelbourne on April 27th. I was so excited, as you all know I love her product and at last my first time being invited to something blogger related, I was so excited and felt so privileged! I was then totally gutted and disappointed when I realised I wouldn’t be able to make it as I’m not home, back to Belfast until that afternoon on the 27th from Amsterdam! Just typical with my luck these days! 😦 However I told Marissa I would be willing to come down to meet her any time if something arose in the future, so everyone fingers crossed please!!! As well as my exciting direct message Marissa was very good at getting back to me about where I could buy her fab tan. . .

To learn more about Marissa yourself click this link http://www.cocoabrown.ie/beta/about/about-marissa-carter/

So after selling this tan to you again lol I suppose I should tell you all where you can now buy it online if you live outside Southern Ireland. The shops and places Marissa told me yes we’re in the North but no where near me, boo I thought I’d never get them again without enrolling mum’s friends again for help. Then she gave me this link . . . http://www.carterbeauty.ie/ yay you can now purchase your tan online from Marissa’s shop and buy more than one bottle and you get free delivery!

I hope you all go and get this tan, use it, fall in love with it, and comment on this blog!
Let me know what you think of Cocoa Brown.
And go with this fab mantra I found 🙂

Zane xxxx



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