Stranded . . .

So yesterday I was stranded for over 5 hours as my car was in getting fixed, so much for a quick job! I then ended up having no internet and a phone that needs thrown under a bus.  Yep I was having one of those days, so fed up and annoyed that I was wasting my day.  Due to the lack of internet access I couldn’t even work on my blog, but I decided I’d take pictures of some of the things that caught my eye whilst walking around the shops and share them with you . . .


How cool are these cupcake cases I spotted? I love, love, love, LOVE them, I NEED these in my life!

As always I couldn’t resist popping into one of my favourite shops, Primark and I spotted some fab nail polish bargains






I think these little collections are fab, great colours and a great price.  I have the neon collection and I would definitely recommend them, good coverage, good brush (always important) and dry quickly.

Superdrug also had some new nail products in, Barry M nail art pens.  Has anyone tried these yet? I really wanted to get at least one to try it out, as a good nail art pen is hard to find but with a car in the garage I am mega skint 😦


If you’ve tried these out let me know I would love to hear your opinion, would you recommend them?


I ended up nipping into Next and some how ended up in the kids section, awh why can’t I be a child again or Next make these cool styles and prints for adults?! Check out these gorgeous little people clothes . . .








In the adult section of Next I spotted this gorgeous little bit of sparkle, lets face it, a girl can never have too much sparkle in her life.


To add to the sparkle check out this bad boy I spotted in River Island . . .


I hope you like my random little blog today, at least my day yesterday was semi productive and I did come across some gorgeous items that perhaps you may be tempted to invest in! 🙂

Zane xxxx

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