Part 2: Danny Mills Heart Foundation

So you guys might have noticed I’ve not been blogging every day this week, as I usually try to. I really wanted this week to be just about the Danny Mills Heart Foundation!

This week alone . . .
Part 1 – A remarkable young man has been viewed at least 382 times!
Part 2 – Danny Mills Heart Foundation has been viewed at least 40 times!

I have decided to reblog Part 2 – Danny Mills Heart Foundation as I feel it deserves more reads and awareness.

If you look to the right hand side of my blog you will see I have also added at link to the Danny Mills Heart Foundation website so fingers crossed it can get a lot more views, so please click and test it out! 🙂

Zane xxxx

Part two of Danny’s story and legacy! Again the information in this blog has been gathered from websites and newspaper articles – Belfast Telegraph, Bangor Spectator and Danny Mills Heart Foundation.

‘IF WE can prevent even one death, then that is Danny´s legacy – that he saved a life´.


“We don’t want Danny’s death to be in vain and if we can save even one life then that can be his legacy — that he died to save the lives of others.”

Why start the Foundation?

Current statistics show at least 12 young people die from undiagnosed heart conditions each week in the United Kingdom. For the family and friends of Danny Mills, this is simply too many young lives lost. The family has found great comfort in the charity which Pauline believes is a fitting legacy to her son and says if it helps prevent even one death through screening…

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