Why hello Pearl Lowe for GLOSSYBOX!

Guess who’s arrived . . . .

The April Edition of GLOSSYBOX!


Isn’t the box so pretty? I really love the print, would actually love it as a wallpaper!


When you first open the box, you are greeted by the little booklet telling you what items you have received and a little more about them. I Loved how they have carried on with Pearl Lowe’s pretty design on the booklet too.


What I got in my box. . .

This month I received . . . SUNSENSE Daily Face SPF, NIP + FAB Dry Skin Fix Body Butter – Mango Smoothie, SLEEK MAKEUP Blush in Pixie Pink, YVES ROCHER FRANCE So Ellxir Purple Yves Rocher Eau de Parfum, and an ESSIE Nail Lacquer.


YVES ROCHER FRANCE So Ellxir Purple Yves Rocher Eau de Parfum

NIP + FAB Dry Skin Fix Body Butter – Mango Smoothie,

ESSIE Nail Lacquer

SLEEK MAKEUP Blush in Pixie Pink

Tried and tested . . .

The first thing I decided to try out was the Essie nail polish – canyon coral


I decided that I would try out this colour on my toes. The picture above are my toes with one coat of the polish. I loved the colour, definitely one for Spring/Summer, however I think I’d call it more of a red then coral, although in this picture (I apologise for the poor lighting) it looks a little more orange.


These are my toes with two coats. Not really much of a difference, which is a good thing, it just shows how good one coat of the polish is.

I would definitely recommend this polish for its colour, coverage and quality, it’s a good quality polish in the fact that it’s not too thin or thick and it has a really good brush which I think really aids the coverage. A 5 star rating from me πŸ™‚


Next I tried out the NIP + FAB dry skin fix body butter. When I got this the first thing I did was open it and smelt it, straight away I was really disappointed and put off, the smell really turned me as it reminded me of medicine or something. So when I say I tried it out I really mean my boyfriend did, lol, yep I got him to test it for me, I really didn’t want that smell on my hands! He has some really dry/hard skin on his hands from work and the gym so I recommended he tried it there. Surprisingly it actually smelt a million times nicer once it was on his hands, a small amount went a long way, it dried in reasonably quickly, wasn’t greasy and after only half an hour made an improved difference. I think I may have perhaps lost this one to him, he gave it 4 star rating.


Number three to be tried out was the YVES ROCHER FRANCE So Ellxir Purple Yves Rocher Eau de Parfum. First off it is a good size, I’m personally a little put of by the fact there is no spray dispenser, I find these ones harder to use as either I can get nothing out of it or I spill it all over myself! It really reminded me of a perfume I had smelt before and couldn’t put my finger on, then I realised I think I have that smell, so after hunting through my perfumes I realised it smells pretty similar to Kylie Minogue ‘Darling’.


I like the fragrance but I think it’s quite heavy, not as light as most of the other perfumes I have and would wear around Spring time (I tend to go for a lighter fragrance), so I would probably wear it on a dull Spring day or more around late Summer/early Autumn time. For me I’d give it a 3 star rating.


I have yet to try this SUNSENSE Daily Face SPF, unfortunately we’ve had no sun to try it out! 😦 However Ryan and I are off to Amsterdam in the morning and Ryan as soon as he seen this nabbed it and said he would test it out as when we were in London around this time last year the back of his neck and a bit of his face got pretty burnt so this time he is taking no chances. I will update you on his review when we get home πŸ™‚


The last couple of days since I received my GLOSSYBOX I actually haven’t worn any makeup, I just couldn’t be bothered, so this will be something for me to test out and review when we are in Amsterdam, I am going to bring it with me.


The blusher I use is a cream one, it kind of just looks like a lippy, I find this so much easier to use, I can wack it on and rub it in, it lasts well and a bonus is it will never crack and break! So I shall be a little out of my comfort zone going back to using a powder blush and as well this pink colour, it would never be a colour I would think of trying. As it didn’t come with a brush I’m not going to bring one with me, I’m going to try it out just using my finger, plus I am being lazy because I can’t be bothered hunting for a blusher brush! πŸ™‚ So stay tuned for my rating.

The Extra Info

So usually I give you all the details you need to get these products yourself, but tonight I really don’t have time to get that to you, so I promise when I am home I will give you those last two reviews and links as to where you can by the products, the prices and a link to GLOSSYBOX.

In the meantime have a fab week and I hope you enjoy the blogs I have scheduled for you all . . .

Monday – Say hello to Listiques

Tuesday – Say hello to Trumpery

Wednesday – Say hello to ModCloth

Thursday – Say hello to Room31

Friday – Say hello to Pinup Girl Clothing

Saturday – Hmm, I fancy . . .

Zane xxxx

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