Living out of a suitcase


So I actually tried to avoid as many shops as I could when I was in Amsterdam, only because the budget and small suitcase really didn’t allow for shopping . . . I know 😦 but it wasn’t a shopping holiday it was more of a sight seeing one.  However I did manage to pick up a couple of items and explored some of the cutest and chic little one-off boutiques.  So I plan to share with you, what I wore each day, the fashion, shoes and accessories I found in both the shops and markets.  Plus my absolute favourite . . . the shop windows (weird I hear you say but when you see them you will understand).


Each day as much as it would drive Ryan mad, I had him take a full length photo of my outfit each day we were in Amsterdam.  I’m not really one to do this like other bloggers, but this is mostly because I am not as fabulously fashionable as my fellow bloggers, but hey let me share these with you . . .

Ok so Monday I ended up taking my own picture, hence why it’s so awful lol.  I decided to travel in something light and comfortable and something I could wear for our first day in the city.

I wore black leggings/joppers (Gok Wan for Sainsbury’s), my love and hate pumps (topshop), a coral vest top (M&S) and my spotted shirt (Primark) alongside my dark wig and sunglasses.

Tuesday was cold and due to rain so I decided on something warm and comfortable.

I wore my Danny Mills hoodie (Danny Mills Heart Foundation), a grey vest top (Primark), my navy laggings/joppers (Gok Wan for Sainsbury’s), my full on geeky, too high trainer socks (Tesco) and my navy and white Converse pumps (Office).

Wednesday was nice and sunny so I decided to get the legs out and wear a dress, (even though I ended up wearing skin coloured tights too).  This was a good idea for during the day, but by late afternoon/evening the wind picked up and I was FROZEN!

I wore my spotted denim dress (Primark), a cream vest top (M&S), a long, light grey cardigan (Tesco), and white converse style pumps (Sainsbury’s).

Thursday wasn’t too bad weather wise in the morning, but after being so cold on Wednesday night I was definitely going for leggings, a hoodie and my wig.  Thursday however ended up being a total roaster, really hot and muggy.

I wore my flowered leggings (River Island), my DORK t-shirt (Primark), a mint green hoodie (Primark) and my white converse style pumps (Sainsbury’s).

Friday was properly miserable, grey, cold ,wet and raining.  So I layered up to battle the elements!

I wore my leather jacket (Tesco), grey scarf (Primark), beanie hat (River Island) blue, long sleeved jumper (Primark), two vest tops (M&S and Primark), navy laggings/joppers (Gok Wan for Sainsbury’s),  and my navy and white Converse pumps (Office).

Saturday we were travelling home so again I wanted something light and comfortable to travel in.

I wore my short Tux style jacket (Gok Wan for Sainsbury’s), my love and hate pumps (topshop), a vest top (Primark), printed dress (Primark), gold and black belt (Primark) and black tights, alongside my dark wig.


duty free bags

I spotted these gorgeous bags in the Duty Free at Belfast International Airport.


I also spotted these Guess sunglasses . . . love, love, love!

shoes primark

I spotted these fab, colour blocking heels for only €18 in Primark, why oh why did our case and my budget have to be so small?!


These gorgeous little things I spotted in the markets.

I got this gorgeous vintage bag in a gorgeous little shop in the Jordann area for €25. I am going to a blog asap on this shop and show you all how fab and AMAZING it is!

I spotted this in an h&m window and fell in love! A moustache bow tie for a little boy!

I most definitely want the middle dress, it is so gorgeous, what one would you pick?


I spotted a lot of random little nik naks I thought were cool and just had to picture to show you all.  A couple I bought, a couple I admired and a couple I really, really wanted!

A lot of little random things I spotted, hmm I said I would show you the fab shop windows I found in Amsterdam in this blog, but to be honest I think it deserves a whole post of it’s own, 1 because they are so fab and 2 because I just took too many pictures.

So look out for the next blog . . .

Zane xxxx

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