GLOSSYBOX Follow up Review


Last month I reviewed the majority of the items in my GLOSSYBOX, however there were two items I was leaving to try out in Amsterdam.  They were SUNSENSE Daily Face SPF and SLEEK Makeup Blush.




This was actually one Ryan tried out.  He would tend to burn quicker than I would so we decided that he would be the tester for this product.  The first day in Amsterdam was deceiving, it wasn’t that sunny, or so we thought, but Ryan did  burn a little on his face.  This taught him a lesson and he made sure to apply some of the Daily Face SPF every morning before we headed out.


Ryan’s review – The Daily Face SPF had no smell, which was good, it was light in texture and soaked well into the skin, a little like a moisturiser.  He would give it a 4 star **** rating and would most definitely use it again.  He said it seems like it would be good for proper holiday use, but we didn’t get the chance to use it for like 20 – 30 degree heat.

I suppose that means we shall have to go on a ‘proper’ holiday in the sun just to test it out! I’m all for that! 🙂 

SLEEK Makeup Blush


I too was going to do my testing and reviewing in Amsterdam on the Sleek Makeup blush I received in my GLOSSYBOX.


So I decided I would just use this blusher with my finger as I couldn’t be bothered to find a blusher brush to bring with me.  I tried out this blusher the first couple of days but I didn’t like the colour, I found it a bit to pink for my skin tone.  I also tend to be in a rush when I’m doing my makeup in the mornings, I rarely can be bothered to wait for my foundation to be completely dry before applying my blusher and mascara.  The mascara of course, it doesn’t matter if my foundation is dry or not but as for the blusher the SLEEK Makeup Blush really didn’t work well as it stuck to the damp foundation and didn’t spread well.  I think this is why I prefer my cream blusher as it can easily be blended into the damp foundation.

So in my case I would give it 3 stars *** as it’s a good product and a nice colour, it just doesn’t work well for me.


I told you last time that I would give you the links to buy the products in April’s GLOSSYBOX . . .



PHARMACY FIX – £11.99 –

JOHN LEWIS – £18.50 –



YVES ROCHER FRANCE So Ellxir Purple Yves Rocher Eau de Parfum

YVES ROCHER – £22.00

EBAY – around £26.00


NIP + FAB Dry Skin Fix Body Butter – Mango Smoothie

NIP + FAB –  £2.95 –


ESSIE Nail Lacquer – canyon coral

BOOTS – £7.99 –

SLEEK MAKEUP Blush in Pixie Pink

BEAUTIFEYE – £4.99 –

Zane xxxx

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