Guest Blog – Day 4

This Is What Rock N Roll Looks Like

Alaina Marie Beaton Soileau….describing herself as the product of a one night stand between Britney Spears & Marilyn Manson and adopting the stage name Porcelain Black, she’s the girl you wouldn’t wanna mess with. With looks to envy and a raspy tone to her voice that most punk/rock female singers would kill for, Porcelain Black is the darker side of pop/rock music. Many of you may be asking yourself ‘who is she’……with her brand new single ‘Mama Forgive Me’ ready for release in May and her debut album slated for release this summer she’s ready to expand her already influential mark on the music industry.

So what makes her different from the rest? We’ve got Gaga, Minaj, Perry, Rihanna….all amazing artists in their own right but Porcelain has that little something extra and that’s ATTITUDE! Porcelain has had to fight tooth and nail with all the set backs & empty promises she’s been dealt in the past but 2013 is ready to change that.

Porcelain started her career under the stage name Porcelain & The Tramps. She was snapped up by Virgin Records but after many disagreements on the type of music she was to release Porcelain knew that this was going nowhere and would not be getting any releases of the music she had put her heart and soul into. Porcelain took matters into her own hands and posted the songs she had recorded onto her MySpace page and with help from her fans the songs started circulating the internet and into the sights of potential new labels. With tracks like King Of The World, I’m Your Favorite Drug, Who’s Next, I Feel Perfect & Red Light District (to name a few), Porcelain already had a huge internet following and named her fans her ‘Trainwrecks’. RedOne and his team were introduced to her by a mutual friend and RedOne bought Porcelain out of her contract with Virgin Records and started work immediately on her debut album.

Armed with the HOTTEST music producer in the world right now RedOne, Porcelain Black has been working since 2009 to perfect her debut album. Signed to RedOne’s label 2101 Records, Porcelain’s debut single ‘This Is What Rock N Roll Looks Like’ was unleashed on the American billboard music charts teamed with a music video depicting a young Porcelain Black enduring the tortures of high school but then returning to take her vengeance on the ‘In’ crowd. The song’s peak position on the US Hot Dance Billboard was #44 but became a must have on any DJ’s play-list around the clubs with countless remixes hitting the scene.

Porcelains second single enjoyed much more commercial success even though an official music video was not released to accompany the track. ‘Naughty Naughty’ was an instant hit everywhere soaring into the US Hot Dance Billboard at #6. An EP was later released on iTunes featuring remixes of the track that circulated the club scene with a huge following.

After the success of ‘Naughty Naughty’ Porcelain Black was set to explode but due to a lack of communication between RedOne and her manager (which resulted in RedOne becoming both her manager and producer) there was yet another set back. As an apology to her fans RedOne leaked an album track on Twitter ‘Swallow My Bullet’ but the song never received an official release.

Porcelain Black likes to keep busy when she’s not working on her own solo career. She’s regularly posting pictures of her fashion shoots, has her own fashion line Noir which you can find online, she has appeared in music videos for Travie McCoy, Jack White, Jeffree Star and Midnight Red and she has featured vocally on tracks from Rye Rye (DNA), Colette Carr (Told You So) and Jeffree Star (Prisoner).
Porcelain married model Bradley Soileau (who featured in Lana Del Rey’s music video’s ‘Born To Die’ and ‘Blue Jeans’) in April 2012.

The reason why I love Porcelain Black is because I’ve been following her career for almost 8 years of my life. I have 4 tattoo’s dedicated to her (one being her autograph that she sent me) and in my free time make t-shirts, fan art and promo cd’s of her recent and Tramps era music to hand out around the club scene. She is a huge inspiration to me with her raw lyrics & talent that I really connected with. Speaking of connecting, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to get to know the person behind the artist. Porcelain and I talk regularly and we’ve developed an amazing relationship on a personal level. Check out Porcelain’s most recent collaboration with Colette Carr ‘Told You So’, it’s undeniably infectious and full of fun! All Porcelain Black/Porcelain & The Tramps music can be found on Youtube and SoundCloud.

You can follow her on Twitter: @PorcelainBlack

Facebook: Porcelain Black –

Instagram: Porcelain Black


To listen now to what Porcelain Black can offer you follow this link to her official Youtube channel:

The purpose of this insight is to send you off searching for your inner Trainwreck. What are you waiting for!? Go for it!!



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