Guest Blog – Day 5

The day a film crew came to town . . .

Just over a week ago I started to see all over my Facebook news feed a picture of an overturned car in a street in Bangor! At first I had no idea what was going on until I saw I picture saying “Film scene being shoot in Bangor tomorrow”.

As I had some time off work I thought I would go explore what all was going on. I had no idea of who was in it or what the movie was called!
I headed down late afternoon into Bangor to have a look about. As I got close to the street that this was happening on I started to see a number of vans and turns and then a group off people that had gathered to watch. The street was blocked off at both ends but we where able to see the goings on in the street. Although their was not much action at this time there was a great buzz about the place. I soon learnt that the film was called ‘Our Robot Overlord’ and would be staring Sir Ben Kingsley, Gillian Anderson and Callan McAuliffe. I decided I would hang on for a short time! This turned in to about 5 hours even though not a lot was happening but it was still interesting watching the goings on of a film set.

It wasn’t long until Sir Ben arrived on set. We where asked to move back a little as he arrived but I was able to get a few pictures of him. After he was taken off set I decided to head him as filming was to go on until 4am!

The next day I was meeting a friend but he was running a little late so I thought I would call past on the off chance I would see something and wasn’t I glad I did! Their was maybe about 10 people max staring around watching and as I just lifted my camera out of my bag I saw Gillian Anderson. I quickly turned it on and started to snap. At that very moment she turned around and looked slight at me, turned and went back into the house. I was informed that she is not keen on pictures being taken. I was happy I got my picture but I ended up staying on until about 11pm to watch more goings on and get some pictures.

Photography has been a hobby off mine for many years now but I have never taken it that serious before. Just over a few months ago I decided I would make a Facebook page to share my pictures for friends and family to see.

However as I started to review my pictures from the film shoot I thought why not send some into the papers and see if they are interested in any off them. It was not long until I got an email from Bangor spectator asking if they could use some of my pictures. I was very surprised when I bought the spectator that week to see if any of my pictures got used to find four of them on the front cover. As a result of this I have been taking with the spectator as possible doing some freelance stuff for them.



For more AMAZING photos from the film set (and many more photos) check out Colin’s website and Facebook page!

Colin Maxwell Freelance Photographer

Twitter – @colinamaxwell


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