Guest Blog – Day 7

Nice to see you!

I have worn glasses since I was in Primary School!  I got teased and laughed at for the massive circles that I wore on my face.  As soon as I turned 16 I got contact lenses and haven’t looked back since….until that is the last few years.
Fashion specs have been hitting the high streets and more so in the last year, geek/Where’s Wally glasses have hit the high street and night clubs!  At fist I thought “I wont ever be seen dead in a pair of those, but after a while the Deidre Barlow style specs were calling me!
So you get the idea, I don’t really suit the geek style glasses BUT it has given me more confidence to wear my own glasses more often!  Fair enough, I don’t wear my glasses on a night out but I do wear them during the day.
Now the glasses that I am wearing are Fantastic…not just to the look good  but they are also kind on the pocket!
They are bought from Specspost  ( They offer a large range of male and female.  I got this pair for £18.99 inc p&p and this is it matched up to my prescription! Here is a link to my glasses
Now you can get the glasses with just a glass lens  if you are lucky enough for 20:20 vision, you can get it with you prescription AND you can get it sunglasses/prescription sunglasses!  They offer branded and non branded glasses.
The service was great the glasses only take about a week to arrive with you!  I could not recommend them enough
Here are a few of my faves with links to them!
pink sun
Price £79
They also offer 2 for 1 on some of their specs (
I have also searched the web and found a wee 10% off code 😉 INTER3
What to do now?  Get shopping for some Chic new specs!  If it is sunnies/geek chic/for fun/to add to your glasses collection, there is something for everyone!
You can also find Specspost on-
If you have bought anything from Spec post I would love to hear from you! Please comment below and you can also find me on-
I would love to hear from everyone so please add and chat to me!

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