So surprisingly the weather is nice and warm or in some cases hot and sticky.  I’ve been loving it and out enjoying at as much as possible whilst I’m off work, hence why the blogging has come to a bit of a stand still.  Another thing I know I put off doing in this weather is cooking! However whilst on the 5:2 diet page on Facebook I came across something called a Wizza, it’s a Warbuton’s square wrap with whatever you like on top just like a pizza. These looked so nice and something different to try (which was low cal) on my fast day.  Only problem they don’t sell them in Northern Ireland or at least anywhere near me! So a lovely lady on the group told me how you could substitute the Wartbuton’s wrap for a Tesco light choice tortilla wrap. And so the start of the low fat, quick, easy and extremely tasty pizza making begins . . . .

TA-DA, it’s my pizza – LESS THAN 300 CALORIES!!!

So how do you make it and what do you need?


– 1 Tesco light choices tortilla wrap – 135 kcal

– 2 mushrooms – 8 kcal

– 1tbsp tomato puree – 14 kcal

I used less puree and added some garlic puree to make it up, try to crush your own garlic for less calories

– 1/4 of a pepper – 18 kcal

– 3 slices of chorizo – 48 kcal

– 5 black olives – 36 kcal

– 20g low low cheese (grated) – 30 kcal

TOTAL – 289 kcal

What you need to do . . .

Squeeze out your puree and garlic on to the tortilla

Spread thin and evenly

Sprinkle over your cheese

Chop up your toppings (you can really pick what you want here, whatever you like best, just count the calories)

Cover the pizza with your toppings and put in the oven at 180 oC for about 8-10 mins

10 mins later  . . .

Cut and serve, yum, yum!

So there you go a quick, easy and low fat recipe for all the family. Something quick and healthy to make the kids, why not let them make their own! These are really light and yummy, yet really satisfying with a nice summer salad on a warm day.

I hope you all enjoy!

Zane xxxx

P.S. if you are on Slimming World or Weight Watchers this too is low to eat, so no excuses really! 🙂

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