Not your typical Monday . . .

So yesterday I headed out for a long overdue shopping trip to Belfast (even though I was dreading it a little because I am skint) and a catch up with my bestie and other half Saz. Yeah money was tight but we decided beforehand that any buys must meet 3 pieces of criteria . . .

1. Is it worth the money?
2. Would I wear it?
3. Do I love it?

Three yes’ and it was a buy! However all three pieces of criteria were NEVER met! Shopping was pants, sales were pants even Primark was pants!!!!! So from my venture up to the big smoke, this is all I bought, not even a bagful!

First buy was THEEEE cutest wee dungarees style jump suit for my niece’s 1st birthday (if I can’t get away with these things I will let her rock them!)

Next, nice new pencils, which I say are for work, but I’ll prob never use . . .

We got a tad excited in the stationary shop and I ended up investing in 3 not 1 more as I planned of one of my favorite pens (you can actually rub it out with the little rubber on the end). I was in for a purple as I lost my last one but then I spotted a gorg pink one and it was 3 for 2. Ok Zane you are being a geek shut up with the stationary talk!!!

Then onto Accessorize who’s sale was TINY btw! Saz and I bought a pair of these each, we’ll she bought me mine lol . . . They were only £1 so total excuse lol

I had to invest in this bad boy . . . Geek glasses and a moustache, it just screams my name!!!

And finally a little bargain I found to add to the niece’s birthday prezzie and such a good wee book!

Yeah that was it, after 5 hours shopping in Belfast and that was all I bought . . . PANTS! Even the food place I was dying to go to (Bubacue) was closed, I’d been craving it all day! On the plus side I popped the wifey’s cherry and had a beaut wee lunch in Nando’s!

Then to top it off I came home to this month’s GLOSSYBOX! Yayyys, and as a total bonus this one was FREE, minus the postage as I gathered up enough points 🙂

Check out the cute Summer/Beach/Under the Sea theme!

I LOVE these colours and got mega excited for this month’s theme!

Inside the box, my goodies . . .

A facial spritz . . . Just what you need after a hot summers day

BOHO beach waves, I can’t wait to try this out, I’ve always wanted to but never been sure what one to buy or if it would work in my short hair, but we shall see . . .

Pout paint . . . I wish I had got some of the other colours I spotted others had received, but hey maybe these two will sway me

A tinted sun cream, again great for this weather and my already slightly burnt nose . . .

Finally ESSIE nail stickers . . . I’m not impressed by these, yes I hold up my hands and admit it, I’m a nail snob and detest nail foils/wraps/stickers! I think they are a nightmare to use and I can usually paint the pattern which looks better. And also how are these BLACK and diamanté nail stickers at all with the beach theme?!

I will use these all (apart from the stickers) over this week before I head back to work and review them for you, I PROMISE!

Happy sunny days!
Zane xxxx

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