my july glossybox review

Monday brought the arrival of my July Glossybox!


Over the last couple of days I’ve been trying out my goodies, and here is my review of them . . .


First off I tried out the Anatomicals facial spritz.  The smell is gorgeous, so light, refreshing and summery, thankfully not a really strong smell that would leave me sneezing or smelling like an old lady! Apart from the fact that I jump a little each time the spray hits my face (to save myself this, I could always spray and walk through) I really enjoyed using this product.  I didn’t see that much of a difference in hydrating my skin, but that was probably due to the fact I only really use it once before bed.  However I will definitely start using it more, perhaps keep it in the fridge to make it more refreshing, especially in this hot sticky weather.

This was a full sized sample, 100ml – retailing at £6.00

Out of 5 I would give it **** (4 stars) and recommend it for the summer!


On Wednesday I finally got the chance to use Alterna Haircare, Boho waves, I was super excited about trying this out! It smelt lovely and summery, kind of fresh.  I didn’t have the time to wash my hair and put this in my hair when it was damp, but it did say you could apply it to dry hair, which I did.  This was the result . . .

Pants! Not one bit wavy, tousled or beach looking! I was so disappointed, I ended up clipping the sides back and trying to disguise the fact that my hair looked more unwashed than beachy. Perhaps it was because I put it in dry hair or because my hair is short, really I should try it again, to give it a proper try with damp hair but this first attempt has kind of put me off.  I will have to wait for a day I am staying in the house, that way I can hide away if, again it turns out pants!

This was a 25ml sized sample, the full size is 125ml – retailing at £23.00

Out of 5 I would give it * (1 star) for that price no way would I recommend trying it, especially if you have short hair like mine!

I also tried out Coola Organic Suncare Collection’s Coola Mineral Face SPF on Wednesday.


I have to say I was slightly put off when I first opened it because it had a strange kind of smell, hard to describe, perhaps a little medical? However once I applied it to my skin (I focused on the nose area) it blended in really well, looked very natural and worked really well to protect my skin on that scorcher of a day.

This was a 7ml sample size, full size is 50ml – retailing at £29.99

Out of 5 I would give it *** (3 stars) and would recommend it for the summer if you can afford to pay the price and are wanting to wear makeup in this sunny weather and protect your skin!

Tonight I tried out Sleek Makeup’s Pout Paint.


Here is how I got on . . .

My lips before

Sample of Peachy Keen 156 on my hand

Peachy Keen on my lips

Peachy keen on my hand and lips

Peachy Keen at the top and Minx 161 on my hand

Minx on my lips

Minx on my hand and lips

Peachy Keen on my top lip and Minx on my bottom

I then decided to mix the two together, this is it on my hand

This is it on my lips

Again on my lips

Overall I really liked these Pout paints! You only need the smallest amount so this size would last you ages!

The only downside would be that it only has a nozzle rather than a shaped top that makes it easier to apply to your lips.

They advise you to apply with your finger or a brush, but who wants to go to the effort of bringing a brush out with you and I’m not sure how well that would work as it started to dry in quite quickly as I was applying it with my finger. However as I went along I got more tidy at applying it and went for a dabbing technique.

This was a full sized sample, 8ml – retailing at £4.99

Out of 5 I would give it **** (4 stars) and most definitely recommend it for the summer!

I really want to try out the other colours!!!

I hope you all like my reviews and are maybe tempted to try out some new beauty products for this summer

Zane xxxx

3 thoughts on “my july glossybox review

  1. I’ve been meaning to subscribe to glossy box. It seems like more often than not, it’s worth it.
    I might have to give it a go 🙂

    1. Yeah it really is, I ended up getting this one for free. Each box u get you can go online and complete a survey on each product for points, once you reach 1000 points you can redeem them and get your box for free. Even try out the miss GLOSSYBOX or is it called teen GLOSSYBOX, I can’t remember but it’s cheaper and only every 2 months and it looks like it has good products 🙂 xx

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