As an avid subscriber to GLOSSYBOX I of course receive my monthly box of goodies but also emails on updates and products. A few months ago one such email caught my eye . . . One introducing a new product, a different GLOSSYBOX, one for younger girls, teenagers perhaps.

These were the goodies in the first month’s box, now can’t you understand why it caught my eye? Not too shabby hey?

As an added bonus this little box is only £7 (+p&p) however the subscription is bi-monthly, but to me that just makes it even more of a treat. So back then I decided, no I already get the main GLOSSYBOX I don’t need it, but then when I came across this month’s box I couldn’t resist, great products and a low price! Straight away I signed myself up (the great thing is that you can cancel your subscription at any time, so you aren’t tied down) within 2 days of me ordering my box it arrived! 🙂

The box arrived lovely and purple, with a sweet smelling scent coming from it

Miss GLOSSYBOX arrives in a lovely little draw string bag, compared to the usual box, this will definitely be recycled as a new wash bag

My goodies, even though this is aimed towards a younger market the products were not at all shabby! I was so impressed with what I received . . .

VO5 Pump it up Backcombing Spray (full sized bottle)

A sample size of Beyonce heat (perfume)

Nail wraps (you all know my opinions on these) but fab for young girls I suppose

Fake eyelashes . . . Something every girl needs

Inside this little bag was where the lovely smell was coming from . . .

Not just smelling lovely, but looking gorgeous was a bath bomb

So what do you guys think, a good investment? Now I’ve yet to try them out just yet as I’m back to work so I will try to try them out and review them ASAP for you guys. But I really would recommend Miss GLOSSYBOX, you can be young at heart if not at age to subscribe to this. A little prezzie to yourself for only £9.95 in total every 2 months. Or as a gift for that friend or family member at that awkward teenage or pre-teen age when you don’t know what to buy them and don’t want to spend a fortune!

Let me know do you reckon this would be a good gift, have you bought it as a gift, would you subscribe yourself?

Zane xxxx


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