As always on my pursuit of bringing you all new blogs and introducing local businesses I had to go out once again this weekend and try out a new local café.  I know, it’s a hard job, tasting gorgeous food and meeting some lovely people so I can review and share them all with you guys, but hey someone’s gotta do it! 🙂  Through the grapevine I had heard of a local café opening in the area and seen friends ‘liking’ their page on Facebook. I of course followed suit and ‘liked’ and boy did I like what I seen, let me show you all . . .

Starvins Café is a new family run café in the Asbury area of Bangor and not even a week old!  They opened Monday 22nd July and I was happy to hear they have already had a good turn out! No wonder with the extremely friendly and welcoming staff and YUMMY food!


Address . . .

27 Ashbury Avenue


BT19 6TH

Telephone – 07748 456229



When we went in mum of course spotted some very comfy and cosy looking seats, I took the sofa and mum . . .

well she took the nice big leather arm chair.

From my seat this was the view, I quirky, unique and homely style café which deceivingly goes back quite far and lots of seating.

Once we ordered from the very varied and well priced menu I started taking snaps of my surroundings, mum too was loving it as she was spotting things she had as a child or in her first house, talk about a blast from the past!

I LOVE the fact they use an old trunk as a coffee table!!!

Our order came in such good time! I went for a mango and strawberry smoothie, a raspberry and white chocolate scone (this was recommended by the waitress) and just a diluted juice as I was so thirsty!

Mum had already had something to eat before we headed out so she was good and stuck to a cappuccino.

My strawberry and mango smoothie was gorgeous! So refreshing and tasty as it had been handmade with fresh fruit.

The recommended white chocolate and raspberry scone did not disappoint! It was so moist and tasty, full of white chocolate and raspberries!

The atmosphere in the café was so relaxed and friendly and actually as it was quiet when the waitress came over to clear the table she was able to sit down and have a wee chat with us.  She was telling us how all the scones, bread, cakes, cupcakes, traybakes etc are all freshly made each morning.  She was also telling us about an upcoming event this Wednesday the 31st July with Vanilla Bake (I will post more information at the end of the blog).

These were some other goodies I spotted when I went up to pay . . .

Freshly made cupcakes

An array of freshly baked scones

Victoria sponge and caramel squares

Muffins and tray bakes

Some more sweet goodies!

Once again for another new local business I would most definitely recommend this new café.  The food is to die for, the staff are friendly, welcoming and approachable, the prices are great the atmosphere, very clean, tidy and quirky.

I cannot wait to bring Ryan along on his next day off down at mine, I spotted a few things on the menu I know he would love and the coffee for sure would be a WINNER with him!


So I mention to you about an upcoming event in Starvins Café alongside Vanilla Bake Club

The Vanilla bake club is being held in starvins cafe on Wednesday 31st July at 6.30pm 🙂
Our first Bangor Club will take place on 31st July 2013 at the uber cool and quirky Starvins Cafe from 6.30pm – 8.30pm.
For more information on The Vanilla Bake Clubhttp://www.vanillabakeclub.com/
To find out more information on Starvins Café, to stay up to date with offers, pictures and information click this Facebook link and click ‘like’

Zane xxxx

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