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As you all know I love my jewellery! I love unique, different and sometimes quiet eclectic jewellery.  I find the best place to find something different, unique and not mass produced is online.  It’s times like these when I come across online shops and fall in love and to be honest could buy them out!  Once again this is the case I have come across an fab website with some amazing jewellery and of course I want to share it with you!

Chelsea Doll


Chelsea Doll’s products have been featured in some of the top magazines –  Cosmopolitan, Bliss, Love it, Shout and Star

Let me show you some of the jewellery I have fallen in love with . . .


Elephants Never Forget Necklace

Elephants never forget necklace – £13.00

Perhaps if I had this necklace I would be less forgetful . . . wishful thinking I’m sure


Scooter Necklace

Scooter Necklace – £10.00

How fun is this necklace, and what a bright and vibrant colour?!


Freda Frog Necklace

Freda Frog Necklace – £10.00

Again another bright and fun necklace, I know one of my friends would just love this!


Yellow Submarine Necklace

Yellow Submarine Necklace – £10.00

Just keeping with the theme here of the bright and fun necklaces, something unique to brighten up your summer outfit


Cat Lady Necklace

Cat Lady Necklace – £10.00

Haha this would be purrfect for my friend Christine she is def a cat lady in the making!


Palm Tree Necklace

Palm Tree Necklace – £10.00

Something to brighten up your summer, beach or holiday outfit perhaps . . . perfect to wear in the sun with a few cocktails 🙂


Metallic Silver Etched Stud Plate Necklace

Metallic Silver Etched Stud Plate Necklace – £12.00

I love this necklace and think it would look cool against a bright neon top or dress and also an item that you could bring with you right through to Autumn/Winter


NERD Slogan Necklace

Nerd Slogan Necklace – £8.00

With nerd, dork, and geek t-shirts and tops being ever so popular at the minute, why not be different and wear this necklace over a plain top or dress . . .


GEEK Slogan Necklace

Geek Slogan Necklace – £8.00

Why not try it out with this Geek necklace too . . .


GENIUS Slogan Necklace

GENIUS Slogan Necklace – £8.00

Want to remind everyone just how smart you are?


Shine Bright Like a Diamond Necklace

Shine Bight Like A Diamond Necklace – £10.00

Any Rihanna fans out there?


Dollface Necklace

Dollface Necklace – £12.00

For all those Kardashian fans out there . . .


Pearlescent Pink Acrylic Moustache Necklace

Pearlescent Pink Acrylic Moustache Necklace – £8.00

Oh this is SO me and my love of moustaches!


Magic Unicorn Necklace

Magic Unicorn Necklace – £12.00

Oooh a pretty unicorn!


Dino Necklace

Dino Necklace – £10.00

I little T-rex . . . Ryan says I’m a bit like one, short arms and long legs lol although hopefully not that drastic


Pinkie Flamingo Necklace

Pinkie Flamingo Necklace – £10.00

I have developed a little bit of an obsession with flamingo accessories at the minute and really need to invest in some  . . . this is PERFECT!


Pineapple Necklace

Pineapple Necklace – £10.00

I love this to brighten up and summer outfit and mood!


Retro Game Necklace (Space Invader, Pacman Ghost or Pacman!)

Retro Game Necklace (Space Invader, Pacman Ghost or Pacman!) – £10.00 each

How fun and retro are these? They remind me of my childhood


Oh Daisy! Necklace

Oh Daisy! Necklace – £11.00

Love this for the summer! Daises are sooo cute in the summer!


Light Blue Enamel Chain Necklace

Light Blue Enamel Chain Necklace – £9.00

I love this pastel blue colour!


Safara Jade & Turquoise Plaited Crystal & Bead Necklace

Safara Jade & Turquoise Plaited Crystal & Bead Necklace – £15.00

Such a gorgeous statement piece


Neon Pink & Black Abstract Plate Necklace

Neon Pink & Black Abstract Plate Necklace – £13.00

I think this would look gorgeous to brighten up a plain dress or a peplum top



Bright Jewel Block Chandelier Earrings

Bright Jewel Block Chandelier Earrings – £9.00

I love the colours in these earrings and how bold they are, perfect to brighten up any outfit


Lille Clear Jewel Ear Cuff

Lille Clear Jewel Ear Cuff – £10.00

I love this ear cuff, dam the fact that my ears are that tiny it probably wouldn’t fit me/stay on


Art Deco Mirror Earrings

Art Deco Mirror Earrings – £8.00

Love these art deco earrings, so Great Gatsby!


Statement Heart Outline Earrings

Statement Heart Outline Earrings – £8.00

Something fun to add to your festival look this summer


Purple & Yellow Jewel Drop Earrings

Purple & Yellow Jewel Drop Earrings – £8.00

Ooooh aren’t these gorgeous?!



Bumble Bee Ring

Bumble Bee Ring – £12.00

There were loads of rings, but this was my ultimate favourite!



Black Heart Band Wrap Bracelet

Black Heart Band Wrap Bracelet  – £8.00

I’m not usually one for bracelets and bangles but I really liked this simple bracelet for that summer, festival look!


Blue Heart Band Wrap Bracelet

Blue Heart Band Wrap Bracelet  – £8.00

It’s also gorgeous in this blue!


Oh Daisy! Charm Bracelet - AS SEEN IN COSMOPOLITAN!

Oh Daisy! Charm Bracelet – AS SEEN IN COSMOPOLITAN! – £10.00

Perfect for the summer . . . an everlasting daisy chain


Heart Bangle

Heart Bangle – £5.00

I love this simple little heart bangle


There are so many more gorgeous items on the website, so why not check them out for yourself –


You can follow them on Twitter –


You can also ‘like’ them on Facebook –


Zane xxx

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