Look how LUSH my lacquer is!

 Lush Lacquer are a mother/daughter “BEST FRIEND” team who LOVE to create polish!

Check out these AMAZING polishes! For ages on instagram I have seen these gorgeous polishes, I then found their makers on instagram and started following them. I completely fell in love and searched all over the UK and online to see if I could find them, I even attempted to try and make them myself.


As you can see it didn’t really work! So I commented on a picture Lush Lacquer had on instagram and asked if they delivered to the UK and where I could buy their polishes, this then sent me to their Etsy page.


I was now in heaven, oh so many polishes to chose from! Here are just a few of my favourites . . .

NEW Neon--FRECKLES:  Custom-Blended NEON Glitter Nail Polish / Lacquer/ indie polish



NEW Neon--BLURPLE:  Custom-Blended NEON Glitter Nail Polish / Lacquer/ indie polish



Neon Lights:  Custom-Blended NEON Glitter Nail Polish / Lacquer

Neon Lights – Custom Blend


Clowning Around:  Custom-Blended NEON Glitter Nail Polish / Lacquer

Clowning Around – Custom Blend


NEW Neon--TGIF:  Custom-Blended NEON Glitter Nail Polish / Lacquer/ indie polish



Blue Gypsy




NEW Neon--Monster Mash:  Custom-Blended NEON Glitter Nail Polish / Lacquer/ indie polish

Monster Mash


NEW Neon--Chicks Rule:  Custom-Blended NEON Glitter Nail Polish / Lacquer/ indie polish

Chicks Rule


Chicks Rule was actually the polish I went for! At £5.96 then adding on delivery from the US it worked out as £12.41 I thought it worked out pretty good price wise, I mean this is about the same price you would pay for a nails inc polish for example.  It was most definitely worth it too!

These are my nails with a base coat of white polish and one coat (YES I SAID ONE) of the Chicks Rule polish . . .

This is my bottle of polish . . .  a really good size and packed full of glitter and sequence etc

I would 100% recommend this product! I absolutely love it and I definitely think I will have to purchase some more polishes next pay day.

There is a bit of small print for all us customers outside the US . . .

IF YOU ORDER FROM OUT OF THE COUNTRY- WE WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY OF THE RISKS INVOLVED. ONCE YOUR ORDER LEAVES THE US….THE RISK OF IT GETTING TO YOUR LOCATION IS ALL YOURS! We can not control customs and we know some countries have very strict rules and we can NOT be responsible for lost packages or packages that take a long time to arrive…it is out of our hands when it leaves the US.

So why not check out Lush Lacquer for yourself –



instagram – @Lushlaquer

Zane xxxx

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